For most schools, is it OK to postmark recs (and test scores) after the app deadline?

<p>I asked for one of my recs quite late (which is my fault) and right now I think he will give them back to me when school reopens. For some of the schools that my guidance counselor contacted for me -- MIT and UChicago included, as I recall -- they said it was okay because full-scale application-reading doesn't start until a few weeks after. I am also concerned about sending test scores, which I have even begun yet because of funding issues (that is, sending scores to new schools I am applying to that were not on my initial form).</p>

<p>Is this the case for all schools? I tried confirming this for all of my school choices by sending emails and calling them, but of course now I think it will be quite some time (or well too late) before they get back to me since offices are closed. </p>

<p>Does it also matter whether it's a required rec, or a supplementary rec? Would it be less of an issue if the post-deadline recs are supplementary instead?</p>

<p>I am mostly concerned about Common App schools, including UPenn; when you have an "all-in-one" application, I understand the supplements go with the application, but are things different from recs and test scores?</p>