For parents of arriving or existing students

<p>Please talk to me about how the best way is to get most things to Williams...i.e. anything to start the dorm room off right for the first year...I am thinking either on line buying and ship (UPS) directly to the campus such as linens,clothing, lamp ....or do we go to Walmart in North Addams and stock up?? Just starting to think early for the fall...please advise.

<p>For year two, we shipped most stuff UPS, which worked fine. For year one...don't miss the family shopping trip to Walmart, it's really kinda fun. And you'll see lots of the parents you met or saw at the welcoming events. It's a fun weekend, if you're able to go yourself. Make hotel and dinner reservations early. Williamstown fills up quickly on key dates.</p>

<p>Before my freshman year we did most of the shopping beforehand. Bed, Bath, and Beyond and places like that have a better selection of stuff than Walmart, which will be pretty picked-through on move in weekend. Walmart is good for filling in the gaps (extra shelving, mirrors, stuff like that), but I wouldn't count on it for everything if you can avoid it.</p>

<p>not having visited Williams yet but will this summer to know where my daughter will be spending the next 4 years of her young life.....Freshman dorms...what are the size of the beds...are they bunk beds, singles?? I will buy bedding and send there. Does the mattress suck and should I buy a egg crate for her etc etc.. Do the desks have room for port many students use their laptops on the desk as opposed to ont he bed?? IS there a place for a Futon in the room...?? SO many questions...just want to make it comfy for 4 years.
Please advise,

<p>Extra-long twin sheets.</p>

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<p>Dear Hazzendad,<br>
The rooms at Williams are incredible and very comfortable. My S's room had a beautiful wood floor and an incredible view. It was a single and even had overhead storage in the room for his suitcases. His suite went to some "famous" church sale at the beginning of the year and bought furniture for the Suite's common room. Lots of the kids do that. The bed is an extra-long twin and his was comfortable, as was the temperature of the room. S used his laptop at his desk, on the bed and in the common room. We purchased a security "leash" for his laptop for when he is not in the room. He anchored the laptop to his bed I believe. As for clothes, we took him to the mall about 20 minutes away and went to EMS for gloves, hats, wool sweaters (since we come from a warm climate.) Good luck, your daughter is about to have the most wonderful time and meet the most amazing people. proudmama</p>

<p>thanks proudmama...I am looking forward to hearing from her quite often.
Thanks for the info..btw...what is EMS???</p>

<p>EMS is Eastern Mountain Sports, a great place to buy warm weather apparel and she will need plenty of it. :-) I find that aol's instant messenger is a great way to keep in touch. She can show you how to download it on your computer. There's lots of anxiety letting your first one go, but if she is happy, you will adjust.</p>

<p>hazzendad, congratulations on becoming a Williams parent! My son's going to be a JA next year, so who knows, your daughter may end up in his group.</p>

<p>We live far away so before going to Williamstown we spent a few days in New York and bought everything you could possibly imagine. We then piled it into a rented van and drove to Williamstown. Everything else that we didn't in fact imagine we found at the Wal-Mart in North Adams or ordered on-line. What driver says is so true -- the Wal-Mart aisles are full of Ephs and their families.</p>

<p>The firstyear room size varies quite a bit. My son had one of the smallest singles on campus, but it had a wonderful view and everything fit. The common rooms absorb the overflow. Once she gets her suitemates' names and e-mails your daughter can contact them to decide who's bringing shared items. You can rent mini-fridges and the like and buy inexpensive furniture -- sofas, rugs, lamps, shelves -- at Wal-Mart or that Church yard sale that proudmama mentions. If by futon you mean one of those that convert into a sofa, then I'd say in the student's room, probably not; in the common room, probably yes.</p>

<p>My son uses his laptop on the desk, on the bed, in the library and all over campus, including on the lawn these few glorious Spring days.</p>

Thanks...I guess I need to make a trip there this summer to check out the dorm..then to decide what is needed..rugs furniture etc.. Do all the common areas have a nice TV with DVD in case anyone wants to watch a I have access to some nice TVs..might as well send one there as a donation for the 4 years and beyond. Since you said you are far away, have you visited and also where have you stayed while there..??

No one is allowed in the dorms during the summer. They are either closed are occupied.</p>

Dorm rooms are equipped with extra-long twin beds and mattresses (36"x80"), desks, bureaus, bookshelves, garbage and recycling bins, built-in lights, and window shades. Rooms are also equipped with phone and data jacks. All dorms have televisions in their common areas; some buildings are also equipped with television cable hookups in individual rooms.
Students must supply sheets (extra long twin), pillows, blankets, and towels, and may also bring lamps, rugs, or curtains if they so desire.
Waterbeds and cinder blocks are not allowed in student residences. A number of electrical appliances, including halogen lamps, are forbidden in student rooms for reasons of fire safety. For more information, call the housing office at (413) 597-2195 or see <a href=""&gt;;/a>

Also, here is the MUST read link on what to bring--and not to bring, (click on "first-year students," then on "what to bring). <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I know that student-led campus tours are offered throughout the summer, and that a fair number of students stay on campus to do summer work and research at the college, so I would expect that these student guides could show you a room, as they do when they lead tours during the school year. But no one I know of gets a full tour of campus housing options, and Oedipus is correct that most of the dorms are either closed, or in use for the many conferences held in Williamstown over the summer. But I wouldn't make a trip there just to see a dorm room, and I don't think they tell you your assignment til much later, anyway, August if I remember correctly. The kids figure it all out when they get there. Some opt stack their beds, bunk style, for more floor room, they can move the furniture around however they want to, etc.You should familiarize yourself with the Williams website, its got a great deal of useful information on the subjects you're asking about. Including places to stay, eat, etc., and there is even a recent thread here on "Where to stay in Billsville."</p>

<p>"Do all the common areas have a nice TV with DVD"
My son's common area did NOT have a TV/DVD player. The boys decided not to acquire one. There were several in the entry (or nearby) so there was no movie or TV deprivation.</p>

<p>"have you visited and also where have you stayed while there..??"
Several times. We usually stay at the W-Town B&B which is quite nice (if you like B&B's). My husband hates them, but makes an exception for this one as it's right on campus and very well run.</p>