For parents of Class of 2011

<p>While I was doing a bit of on-line shopping, I found this WP Class of 2011 shirt listing names of class members on sale. If you need an extra or never bought one, here's your chance.</p>

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<p>this might seem a silly question but how do they have the names if the class of 2011 hasn't been finalized yet?</p>

<p>The class of 2011 is the current plebe class. The class that is being finilized now and will report in June is the class of 2012.</p>

<p>And just before R-Day the tee shirts for the Class of 2012 will be available. The shirts will include the names of each Cadet Candidate. I understand that they'll be available again 47 months later - at graduation. It's unusual to see them on sale via the internet.</p>

<p>I was in the Visitor's Center at USMA a couple of weeks ago. They were on sale (on the discount/clearance rack) in front of the gift shop.</p>