For people who were accepted during the second wave (3/13)

<p>Has your statuses changed yet?
Do you think if we live out of state we could still be recieving a letter later today, perhaps?</p>

<p>My application has been in the "Your application is being reviewed by the admission committee." status since February 20th...</p>

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<p>the last wave is next week, right? :(</p>

<p>the last wave in on the 28th.</p>

<p>Yeah, but from the second wave of letters, could we still be getting those letters today if we dont live in California?</p>

<p>I live on the east coast and I got my big envelope today, don't give up hope ;)</p>

<p>ugh i just checked the mail. nothing =[</p>

<p>Same. I saw a large envelope in the mailman's bag, but all he handed me was junk mail. =/</p>

<p>I received the package today and my status still says your application is being reviewed by the committee (since Feb 22). So don't worry.</p>

<p>yeah i nearly fell over when i saw a large envelope... i tracked down my mailman after circling the neighborhood for 10 minutes. he handed me the mail and there were two large ones. then was like "****!" as soon as i read them because one was random and the other was for Oxford@Emory which i'm not going to and didn't even apply for</p>

<p>I got in in the 2nd wave & got my package on Saturday. My status is still "Your application is being reviewed by the admission committee. Status last updated: 3/13/2008 3:20:53 PM"</p>

<p>akalboy, dear cloud, the08er: Congrats!!</p>

<p>What schools at USC are you admitted to?</p>

<p>i live in wisconsin....and didn't get anything today but i'm hoping for tomorrow...otherwise i'm sure i'm rejected</p>

<p>thank you thank you thank you! i'm beyond thrilled; you have no idea.
I got into the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.</p>

<p>Just got the envelope today...I live in Utah</p>

<p>Congrats! What school?</p>

<p>My status changed to in review on 3/13 and I GOT ACCEPTED TODAY! so siked, ive been waiting for months. Marshall! Anyone know when financial aid packages come? Oh and I live in NY.</p>

<p>apparently there is a wave going on
first off: how big is the package? is it indeed a package or just large envelope?
second off. i live in the south could i still be getting one this week maybe??
I hope i get in man I hope I get in... : (</p>

<p>Since I didn't get one today, I guess I just have to wait till the 28th now..
Thats the next and last wave, correct me if I'm wrong.</p>

<p>Ughh I got a big envelope today and was hoping it was USC and it turned out to be UC Davis /:</p>

<p>hey good for you at least you got something!</p>

<p>its a filled folder inside of an envelope.</p>