For Some College Students, the Cap and Gown Makes Graduation Day Too Costly

“As her May 19 commencement date looms, Yana Dey has begun considering skipping her own graduation. It’s not that she wants to miss it. She’s proud of the work that went into fulfilling the requirements for a master’s degree from Columbia University’s Teachers College. What’s holding her back is the $62 cost of the cap and gown she’s required to wear to walk at graduation.” …

I never understood why thrift stores don’t buy back gowns and resell them at a heavily discounted cost. In my college town there are multiple second hand stores but almost none have caps and gowns for sale.

Every school in our area has the ability to find a solution to those graduation expenses for students with demonstrated need.

In response to a post above, it really depends on where you go. I have seen a thrift shop resell a gown for a college nearby, but it had really tacky designs on it made by the previous owner.

Also, instead of borrowing, Yana and other students could make a GoFund me page to raise money for their cap and gown, and draw attention to the issue.

When I graduated last year, I went with the cheapest option available (rent a cap and gown just for the graduation day) and the total cost ended up around $93 or $94. ****ing ridiculous. I contemplated skipping, but I had a $100 gift card from the company I worked at for my senior project so I just dropped that on the cap/gown rental.