For some reason, I can't pay for the Northwestern CSS online? What to do?

<p>I tried paying for other colleges, and it worked....</p>

<p>But something happens with Northwestern..I am freaking out. They just say there is an error"</p>

<p>Your credit card could not be processed. Please verify your credit card information and try again or try a different credit card. "</p>

<p>But I just paid to stanford after paying to Northwestern..What the hell is happening? What should I do?</p>

<p>This happened with Stanford on their last day of applications. They had a glitch in their CC payment and they extended it. I remember doing all colleges for my D together and all of them went through. Did you do them one at a time? </p>

<p>I'd suggest calling College Board</p>

<p>Or call the college.</p>