For Spring '09 Transfer Students, Housing

<p>Yup, housing can be a challenge especially if you are transferring in the middle of the year.
I am posting here not with commercial purposes. I hope that this could be of assistance to those that plan to attend UW-Madison this coming Spring '09 and are beginning to look for housing.</p>

<p>I am a freshman at the Lucky apartment complex. I am subletting my unit immediately for the remaining of my lease term, that is, January 1, 2009 to May 2009. The reason for taking this course of action is that I have decided to study abroad for the Spring '09.</p>

<p>This is ideal for SPRING 2009 TRANSFER STUDENTS that would like to live in the NEWEST, BEST AND MOST LUXURIOUS apartment complex ON CAMPUS for the semester.</p>

<p>You may opt for either of the two following living conditions: share the 1 bedroom apartment with a roommate OF YOUR CHOICE or live BY YOURSELF. The price of the rent is determined by which option your choose; if you decide to share the room with someone, each of you would pay $777, OR if you decide to live on your own, you would pay $1,544.</p>

<p>The following utilities ARE INCLUDED in the rent: heat, electricity, INTERNET and water. THE APARTMENT COMES FULLY FURNISHED with designer furniture. Please visit Apartments</a> Downtown Madison Wisconsin : Lucky Apartments WI : Apartments UW Madison for an overview of the amenities. YOU WILL BE AMAZED by how beautiful it is. PLEASE send me a message with your email or reply to this post so i can send you pictures of the unit described.</p>