for students w/ off campus apartments...

<p>how mouch do u pay monthly for rent...i went apartment searching today, housing is the most expensive in price i found was for $925/month for a 1BR...its a couple miles away from campus which is good. but its for a 6 month lease since i might plan to transfer again, not sure i'd go for a 6 month lease since i'll need it for only about 4 months till the end of the semester...still debating since its is 2 hr away but would be a hassle to communte much do u guys pay? roommates or no roommates situation? thanks</p>

<p>wow, what part of Cali? San Diego? </p>

<p>I pay $475 a month for a 1Bdrm in Salt Lake. It's a nice one bedroom and is two blocks from my school. ;)</p>

<p>Last time I paid rent, I think it was $525, canadian currency, large 2 bdrm. Prices have gone up since. It was about 25 minutes from university by public transport. Those silly kids in the residences probably paid much more, easily twice as much. Same for those with apartments in the McGill ghetto...</p>

<p>/rent is still cheap in Montreal, at least compared to American and Toronto prices.</p>

<p>its in the bay its hard to find 1 BR less than 700, unless i plan to live with roommates..even a small studio apt is around $ its either opt for the $900 rent or put up with the hassle of commuting around 4 hrs total everyday</p>

<p>I pay $1,290 a month, but with my horrible roommate its only $625. We also have to pay for parking, water, electricity, and gas. Its directly across from campus and my school has mostly rich kids so they can get away with it... those bastards. </p>

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because roommates suck</p>

<p>Oh my goodness, that's expensive! I pay $450 for a decent sized studio with ALL utilities included (I just pay phone and dsl) and it was already furnished. Granted, my landlady is rotten and I am looking for another place....heh, but even the other places I found were reasonable. Closer to my school, there is a VERY large 1 bedroom for less than $700 and it includes all utilities and can be furnished and it even has--gasp---doorbells that work!</p>

<p>And btw, once you go roommate-LESS, you never go back....ever.</p>

<p>yeah the only way to cut down expenses is to get a roommate, but since i dont really know anyone there at the moment i doubt that happens..maybe later eventually...but its hard to avoid the ridiculous apt prices SF its probably around $1200 for a 1BR...i saw some studioes for around $800 but they weren't in really good areas..the apartment for $925 at least had a couple swimming pools, couple tennis courts, and a fitness center and since its less than 2 miles from campus...lots of other students around</p>

<p>in nyc, 450-1000 rents you a hole in the wall.</p>

<p>Probably the lowest or near the lowest you'll find in the Bay, unless you want to live far from campus or with a roommate...or two.</p>

<p>Which college in the Bay Area?</p>

<p>....Wow. </p>

<p>You can't find a 1 bedroom in Westwood for less than $1400. Literally. And a lot of times you won't get parking. Studios usually run around $1100 at the lowest, and they usually never offer parking. </p>

<p>I have a really old 2 1/2 bedroom (2 full bedrooms and a seperate dining room that we rent out), ONE bathroom for $2050. Which is on the low end. There are three of us total, the dining room girl pays less and I pay more because i get the one parking space allowed. Water and trash is included, everything else is on us. </p>

<p>It's actually really nice compared to most of the other options around here. We're across the street from school and on a quieter block in the middle of lots and lots of student apartments. It's really important to live near school here because on-campus parking is in ridiculously short supply and public transportation is weak. Which is why everything within these few blocks is super overpriced for the quality. </p>

<p>Sigh. Can't wait till I can move a few miles away and at least get a newer, nicer place for the money.</p>

<p>All I can say is that if you are willing to live with a roommate...
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<p>wow, somebody must have been offended at the talk about Provo, Utah? weird.</p>


<p>It probably got erased by the server problem...I didn't see a problem with it...</p>

<p>As for the apartments...</p>

<p>In Pittsburgh my first one bedroom apt. was $550/mth (likely much more now...this was 4 years ago), second one bedroom apt. was $490/mth (again, more now..they like to increase it wildly from year to year). With both of those heat (gas) and water/sewage was included. The first one also had electric included. They were pretty convienent to campus and could walk easily to school everyday (only took the campus bus when it was absolutely nasty outside).</p>

<p>Here in Chapel Hill it is much easier to find a nice apartment at a nice price. Since I'm making more now, I have been living in nicer places, but pay about what I did in Pittsburgh. Last year I lived with a roommate in a 2 bed/2 bath apartment for $925/mth (or $462.50 each). No utilities were paid at this complex and it was on a very convienent bus route to the University. This year I'm living across the street from where I was last in a 1 bedroom apartment with my fiance. Rent is $699/mth (or $350 each) and we pay all utilities except water/sewage. </p>

<p>Apartments here also weren't quite as in demand as they were in Pittsburgh. In Pittsburgh you had to look for an apartment in April for August, while here you can look for one today and be moving in tomorrow...I thought it was really weird...but guess thats a big difference between urban and subarban campuses!</p>

<p>Oh!! I didn't see the time warp message. my bad.</p>