For the 750+'s in CR

<p>Anyone can answer this but please say so if you're not scoring 750+.</p>

<p>How do you approach CR passages?</p>

<p>Read passage and then do questions? But won't you have to go back to the passage each time you do a question. (And that'll get real tedious and time consuming on those questions where you have to go back in the text, look through 2-4 paragraphs, and prove right/wrong A,b,c,d,e)</p>


<p>i know alot of people say you should read the questions first, but i find that distracting - i just read the passage straight through, underlining what i think is important (that's a huge help). this also worked for me on the AP test. hope it helps!</p>

<p>I've made a 750 EXACTLY...3 times in a row haha.</p>

<p>I've tried it a couple different ways to boost it to an 800, but to no avail. In my mind, it doesn't really matter too much how you do it. Either you'll get it or you won't. (Btw, even though I only got a 750, I've always gotten all the passage-based ones right. It's the vocab that gets me).</p>

<p>I read the passage and answer the questions. Most of the time I don't even have to look back at the passage, except when it refers to specific words. 800 btw</p>

<p>yeah, vocab is a tremendous part of it... get one of the SAT word books.</p>

<p>I got a 720 and I read the passages and do the same thing you do, underline important parts. I do really well on the passage questions. I think the reason I don't have a 750+ is the sentence completions... obscure words.</p>

<p>For me, I read the passage fairly quickly first then read the questions. After reading the question, I look back to where I remember reading something about it in the text and find the answer.<br>
I got an 800.</p>

<p>it's definitely good to go with your gut feeling. I second guessed myself the first time and got a 670. The second time I took it, I just went with what sounded right and I got a 750 with no studying inbetween. However, I read alot over the summer and have been reading a ton for school, so that may have helped. GOOD LUCK!! :D</p>

<p>i score 550 on it and they stop me when i still have 3-4 questions unanswered yet!</p>

<p>it's really hard to prove if the answers are wrong or right</p>

<p>orange peel: to help with the timing, you might want to take a few seconds to look briefly at each passage and determine which ones are easiest, and then do those first. that helps alot.</p>

<p>My strategy: </p>

<p>Read the passage. Answer the questions while referring to the passages as necessary. 760 here, but hoping for an 800 next time.</p>

<p>The way I approach the passages (a strategy most people probably don't use) is I read the passage slowly and carefully the first time around, and I usually can just answer the questions by glancing briefly back at the passage. I only got a 770 this time :(. We'll see what I did wrong.....</p>

<p>I got an 800 :D</p>

<p>IDK if I really have a strategy.. If you are planning to study, make sure you do the following as I have:</p>

<li>Study your vocab! My prep place made a nice box full of 2000 interesting words!</li>
<li>Take practice test seriously (so that you get familiar with dense boring passages)</li>
<li>Review mistakes! It helps you distinguish the best answers from the good answers.</li>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>I usually just read the passage quickly then look back through it (might not be the most efficient, but I can recall pretty much exactly where the question is in the passage, so it doesn't hurt). I can't really help you with vocab, as I just picked up enough knowledge to eliminate choices by reading my whole life. Sorry I can't be of more help. I got an 800.</p>

<p>The fastest way to do it (From an 800 scorer) is to answer the questions as you read the passage. The questions appear in the order that the answers are in the passage (a big plus to the SAT over the ACT), so if you just answer the "line #" questions as you read, you don't have to reread because you're reading thoroughly the first time, and you don't confound information the question is asking for with other info in the passage. I always answer the broad questions last. </p>

<p>As for vocab. Buy a standard set of flashcards, drill the living hell out of them, and then hope to get lucky. </p>

<p>Good luck :]</p>

<p>@tyler09: thanks. but some1 said that if you did that youll get too caught up in the questions and wont really get what the passage is saying..</p>

<p>760 here. My strategy is read it all the way through once and and then read it again while answering.</p>