For the soon to be Yale applicants

<p>Can all that got accepted to yale tell us, soon to be applicants, what they think that reaally helped their chances at yale and all the other Ivies. Also what they would suggest high schoolers to do that they did not do. Please I know I, a soon to be yale applicant, would love to learn from those that were actually accepted and know what to do inorder to improve the chances.</p>

<p>Thanks, much appreciated.</p>

<p>Sstewart :)</p>

<p>Here's some feedback from a successful applicant:</p>

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<p>thanks entomom. That was really helpful. Man sometimes I wish that some of us could meet and have discussions on certain isssues that pertain to college. I find that this would be so entertaining and fullfilling because all of us are highly intelligent young men and women, who if given the time and preparation would have alot of knowledge that we have gained in our lives that would be so beneficial to each other. We are all young people who have yet to experience the many hardships of the journey that is life and yet we all can relate to each other even we are nothing but strangers. We all have our own little story; all of these stories are related to eachother some how, not openly but psychologicaly. </p>

<p>Many of us seem to understand the disappointment that comes from a rejection letter and are there to give the future applicants that are looking at these threads hope even though we have never met any of these people and are most likely to never meet them. We see the potential in each other and want to pull that potential out and this is shown by the threads that tell people ( of who seem to not believe in their stats and themselves) that they should take chances at highly selective schools because they deserve to know whether they are the right match for these schools. I am a soon to be junior and at my school we have some really intelligent people that make their brain rot because they believe that school is just a waist of time and this irritates me for I can see their smartness and yet I know that there is nothing that I can do because it is their choice. I would just like to say that I am greatly proud and thankful to have get the chance to talk to some of you people and that we are all meant to make a difference at the college we choose to attend, whether it be yale or a community college,everthing happens for a reason. You are all amazing ppeople and I hope that one day we may alll, yes alll, have the opportunity to meet each and everyone eachother and share all of our brilliant minds.</p>