For those at Georgetown now, what do you think?

<p>Just wondering what everyone (especially those who just entered this fall) thinks of Georgetown so far. How are the classes/teachers/dorms, etc? I know there was an old thread about this that sort of died on the other board so I thought I'd revive it.</p>



<p>I wasn't so sure when I first arrived. Most people are very different than what I'm accustomed to (I'm from Arizona). This is me: minority (Hispanic), low-income family, so-so high school with an exceptional (though not majority of APs) academic record. So, it was quite an adjustment. I think I'm slowly learning to enjoy the community around me, though. While a lot of freshmen already "bleed Hoya Blue" (as we love to put it), it's taken me a bit longer. I love Georgetown - it just has been hard to get used to different traditions, having a crappy football team (lol), and drastically different people.</p>

<p>As for classes - Dorothy, you're definitely not in high school anymore. Things are tough here. Competition is stiff (though I wish it wasn't). Things are not based on homework (professors won't check but you better do the work) and you better study your ass off and do not cram for tests. People who are used to straight A's are striving for B's and even C's in some of their classes. But, you'll adjust. It doesn't take too long to realize the way things work in your classes.</p>

<p>Professors (not teachers anymore - just the title change is hard adjusting to) - So far, I've been blessed with great professors (I'm an MSB freshmen, by the way) who are courteous and helpful. They are a bit difficult and teaching styles were hard to get used to, but these are excellent professors here.</p>

<p>Dorms - I live in Darnall. It's not the closest dorm hall but it's decent. The people on my floor are great. The freshmen strip (Harbin, Village C, and New South) are kind of roudy on the weekends. A bunch of poor freshmen getting GERMed for alcohol poisoning (sorry for the parents reading this but kids get wild when they go to college). You'll meet annoying people and brilliant wonderful people. </p>

<p>The social life is excellent and there is tons of stuff to do around here. You'll never run out of things to do (basically, if you do run out of things to do, it's just because you're not thinking outside of the Georgetown area).</p>

<p>It's a great school, promise. You can ask me any other questions and I'll be more than willing to answer as best as I can.</p>


<p>I have a few questions for you... First, how are the dorms? Is there enough space or are they reaaalllly small? If I bring a TV (which I know is an option) will it fit? Second, are most of your classes really big or are they small. I know that you are in MSB, but I guess you are taking similar GenEd courses...? Finally, what kinds of things are there to do on weekends? I know Washington has many historical sites, monuments, etc, but after a while they must get pretty boring...</p>

<p>Anyways, thanks for your help!</p>

<p>It just depends on what dorm you get assigned to. I'm in Darnall - the rooms aren't big but they are definitely liveable. You'll find room for a TV in any dorm hall that you may get assigned to. Same goes for a fridge. The only dorm you might have problems with a fridge is in Village C West. If you're creative, though, you'll find somewhere to put it. Village C has big rooms and smaller rooms, but none are too bad. I haven't been in New South at all, but I heard they are nicer now that they've gone through the renovations. All Harbin rooms are large but, if you want to have the beds unbunked, it's kind of awkward to find wall space for both beds. And, actually, I'm only in one general education class (English). It's my smallest class, as well, with only about 18 people. There are between 35-45 people in my accounting class, about 35 in my International Business class and about 25 in my math class.</p>

<p>Well, if you like partying, you'll have something to do every weekend. Other than parties and historical sites, you can go to a concert, club, theater, sports event, or something similar to that. You should explore the DC and Virginia metro stops because there is things to do around each place.</p>

<p>Hi again!
I have a few more questions for you... First, have you heard about the Justice in Action program? If so, is it worth applying for? How about the Southwest quad? Are the dorms nice? Second, I am interested in sailing, but I've heard that the sailing program is not on the campus. Do you know where it is and how I can get more info about it? I've sent an email to the athletics department, but no response so far... Thanks again, for your help!!!!</p>

<p>SWQ has the best dorms, the sailing prgram is pretty far away, but they're very comprehensive. I would definetely recommend that you lived in a freshmen dorm, you bond a lot more, and you don't feel so isolates. HARBIN RULES!!!!</p>

<p>Hey, hoyadan (PS- you took my future screen name...hehehe).</p>

<p>I have a question about the dorms: what are the differences between the dorms? Is there really an outright best and/or worst? What are the pros/cons of each?</p>

<p>Lastly: I've heard that Leo's ain't so great... what's wrong with it?</p>

<p>Hey Calidan. Though I'm not at Georgetown, I've been doing a lot of research about the dorms! I'll post what I've learned so far, but anyone already at Georgetown please add your own comments or let me know if I'm wrong...</p>

<p>Darnall - Its not close to the major buildings (its at the north side of the campus while the other dorms are south). The cafeteria at Darnall is good and less crowded. The rooms aren't bad, bathrooms are shared.</p>

<p>Village C - Private bathrooms! The floor is vinyl not carpet so it may bot be that cozy. Close to Leo's.</p>

<p>New South - I've read it kind of roudy/partyish. It's been renovated, but I've read that a lot of people complain about it. </p>

<p>Harbin - Its cozy as the rooms are arranged into "pods", where about 8 rooms share a bathroom. Again, close to Leo's. People call it hotel Harbin. </p>

<p>Some Special Interest Housing Programs exist, such as Outdoor Adventure Comm. Service, Justice in Action, and Living Well. If your interested, visit <a href=""&gt;;/a>. Outdoor Adv. and Justice in Action are in the new Southwest Quad, built last year, and it has WIRELESS internet access! So you may want to apply to one of these if you want to live at SWQ. Visit to read more about all the dorms.</p>

<p>I personally enjoy Leo's, it just gets pretty repetitive, but it's not outright bad, all the food is edible and good, it's never gross or anything. The dorms, well Harbin is the bes dorm, space wise, New South, has the most ppl per floor and you make more friends and it's recently renovated, and Darnall is pretty dingy, but not bad. Hope that helps, SWQ is definetely better, but it's all upper classmen and you don't bond with your class that much. Harbin has clusters of 16 people which makes it nice, it has a nice lounge and everything.</p>

<p>Yeah, Southwest Quad is big but awesome. The best and newest rooms but with communal bathrooms.</p>

<p>Is there a dorm that has private bathrooms (or ones shared by a small amount of people), nice rooms (not necessarily spacious, but nice), and is central or near central on the campus?</p>

<p>Village C has private bathrooms in each room, but the floor is not carpeted. Harbin has bathrooms shared per 18 people. Both are close to the center of the campus.</p>

<p>I know that you might think that having your own bathroom might be great, but you have to consider that you do have to clean it yourself! Sharing a bathroom is not abd at all, if anything it is good for meeting people because you actually haev to leave your dormm every once in a while, it prevents isolationism, I personally absolutely love harbin! In case you haven't noticed yet.</p>

<p>Thanks, alukaszewicz! PS- interesting name... did you make it up or are you Czech or something?</p>

<p>Thanks again, hoyadan. Yeah- I know that sharing isn't all that bad (I actually went to UCSB this summer for six weeks and had to share with 40 other guys)... it's just kinda nice having your own bathroom. Sharing with 18 or so is a lot better, though!</p>

<p>what do people think of the Heckler at Gtown?</p>

<p>What's the Heckler?</p>

<p>Calidan, I'm Polish. A is the first letter of Andrew, and my last name is Lukaszewicz.</p>

<p>the Heckler is the Georgetown version of the Harvard Lampoon. they used to be called the Georgetown Lampoon, but Harvard sued them over it.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>The heckeler is one of the many publications at Gtown, it's not very widely read, if you want to know what really happens on campus, check out The Hoya, the Voice is really bad, don't trust it.</p>

<p>The Hoya is purely a news publication - sort of like Fox News (<em>cough</em>conservative<em>cough</em>). The Voice is awesome because it mixes news and thoughts (more on the liberal side but people like me like that). The Independent reports mainly thoughts and provides opposing viewpoints (lacks graphics but that's okay). The Fire This Time is a minority student publication - very artistic in nature. The Heckler is only online and is super super funny. I read all the publications and I like them all, pretty much. Definitely read all of them before deciding which ones you don't want to read.</p>