For those just now entering Highschool

<p>How does it feel?.............</p>

<p>It must feel so good. ;)</p>

<p>arent u entering high school or r u seventh grade?? immmaa be a sophomoreee im psyched.</p>

<p>I'm soon to enter highschool. And I thought you were in 8th grade hmmmm.....could have fooled me.</p>

<p>i told u i applied to high schools last yearrr</p>

<p>Oh did you must have come in one ear and gone out the other. :D</p>

<p>that would suck to still have 4 years left. i'm mad that i still have one year left of high school</p>

<p>i COMPLETELY agree with cowtipper</p>

<p>i feel just the same, only diff is that i just want to get to december, so i already know if i get accepted ED</p>

<p>after that, it's just same old school, plus graduation and class trip (cruise)</p>

<p>2 looong years left of high school. but even tho i have to work really hard for high school, when i leave for college i'm gonna be so depressed. all the friends u make are all gonna be in different parts of the country at different schools :(</p>

<p>kidz, remember, high school is not all fun and games</p>

<p>i feel sorry for u hahaha...dont get ur hopes up high school sux!</p>

<p>i'll be a freshman next year and i am pretty stoked, but you guys make it sound way to hard and make it sound like i am going to have trouble with it and that it sucks. So i dont know what to expect, but i hope its fun and i do good</p>

<p>Middle School< High School<<<<<<<<<< College</p>

<p>But by the end of junior year, you realize how stupid the first two are.</p>

<p>I want to ge into a really competitive college like most people on this site, but i think i am underestimating High School. I am afraid ill be in way over my head and end up going to a crappy community college. I am just worried about not succeeding</p>

<p>Don't start worrying about not succeeding until second semester of your senior year if you get rejected everywhere you apply.</p>

<p>I finished high school 2 weeks ago. High school was lame</p>

<p>haha leah... or when it's 1:30 in the morning and you haven't started your english paper...</p>

<p>remember kids: don't procrastinate</p>

<p>yes, procrastinate! only then will you learn the evils of the all-nighter.</p>

<p>haha sure... just don't do it more than say... two nights in a row... unless you're amazingly good at not sleeping :)</p>

<p>Sophomore year I made it into an art form. 60 hours, 1 hour total of sleep.</p>

<p>And then i crashed like a Harley.</p>