For those of you have have visited Columbia...

<p>Is Columbia in Harlem...or is it situated around Harlem? I was wodnering of the exact location of Columbia in relation to Harlem! Any help/input on this will be great! Thank you</p>

<p>Columbia's area, Morningside Heights, borders on the southern end of Harlem. But is a much "better" neighborhood in terms of safety--improved especially in recent years. This means "safe" by New York City standards. As in any big city, some street smarts are required and you should keep your wits about you at all times but need not be unduly afraid to walk around at reasonable hours--especially if not alone late at night. The campus is said to be and does feel safe. Plenty of reasonable-looking people walking around in the area and lots of shops, restaurants around keep the streets lively and, therefore, safer. I grew up in New York and visited Columbia-Barnard with my daughter this summer.</p>

<p>I have to agree with pyewacket. I visited there this summer with my best friend. Two 17-year-olds... we wandered around the area, went out to lunch, and everything felt safe (well, for a city). I don't know how it is at night, though.</p>

<p>I visited Columbia this summer too and it was beautiful! if i had even the smallest chance of getting in i would definately apply. You have the best of both worlds. You get a campus feel/"college experiance" in a big city. It's a beautiful campus with a lot of trees and green grass, you forget you're in New York City when you're there. But once you step out of the campus, you are in one of the biggest cities in the world, you can't beat that. Columbia is extremely different than NYU. I didn't like NYU very much b/c there was no actual campus, buildings were just scattered among the city. Columbia is definately a wonderful school. I'm hoping I will be able to get in for graduate school!</p>

<p>I used to jog around the campus at 2am. yes 2am I am a nightowl. I found it very safe and I am from Toronto, so I know what safe is. make sure if you go you check out the postcript at St. Pauls.</p>

<p>we'll since i live in ny, i have visted columbia. Columbia is situated in a "safe" area of harlem, but its not THAT safe. But its an ivy so who cares?</p>