For those of you that went to UM

<p>I hear that much of the social life revolves around partying and drinking. I don't mind partying, but is there pressure to drink? I found out I'm allergic to beer, so I don't want to go somewhere I feel obliged to drink. What kind of social life can you have without drinking?</p>

<p>My D is a freshman at Miami and does not drink at all. She is having the time of her life! She lives on a substance free floor (there are 4 floors in Stanford Dorm) and all the kids are great and have lots of fun. There were actually more kids requesting the substance free floors than they had space for. They go to free movies, concerts, games, shows, University sponsored parties (they have had Halloween parties, Homecoming dances, BBQs, fireworks,etc. all for free). The drinking takes place OFF campus. So it is very easy to avoid the party scene and plenty to do on campus. My D also has another group of friends who do party, but they respect that she is not into it.</p>