For those of you who have visited Columbia....

<p>Is Columbia in Harlem...or is it situated around Harlem? I was wodnering of the exact location of Columbia in relation to Harlem! Any help/input on this will be great! Thank you</p>

<p>Columbia is situated at 114th street, while Harlem starts around 125th street. So its not in harlem, but its pretty close. Nevertheless, its nice outside coumbia- you'd never know.</p>

<p>Just don't....I repeat <em>don't</em>...get off the subway on the wrong stop.</p>

<p>I agree with freakish, Columbia is right next to Harlem but its actually really nice there, I wouldn't suggest exploring at night but otherwise you can learn a lot with all the museums and concert halls in Harlem. I actually stayed at Columbia for a couple weeks, and I went to Harlem a lot. I think Bill Clinton even has property there, and the rent there is getting higher and higher. To sum it up, don't be afraid of the school just because its in a place that can be dangerous sometimes.</p>

<p>Ooohh ok!!:P thanx 4 that info guyss!! DOes anyone knwo how long it takes to get from Columbia to Harlem then?</p>