For those of you worrying about applying EA because (insert reason here).

<p>Here's a message to you.</p>

<p>More than likely (if you've finished the application to the best of your ability) than it's no use waiting to hopefully fine tune your application in the two months after EA. </p>

<p>I applied EA. My application was far from perfect, but I wanted to scoot it in the EA pile because A) It was my 1st choice, B) it shows I really want to get it (I also called my counselor and told her that UChicago was my first choice and that I 100% would go if accepted), C) the worst that could've happened is being rejected (I was deferred EA and send a letter thanking them for my second chance, as well as another essay and an update), and D) I just wanted to get my top choice application out of the way so I could stop stressing about it. And honestly, I don't see how one could improve their application enough to move from rejected to accepted in two months, because the only think you can really change are the essays (I guess this point is debatable).</p>

<p>The fact that there are more applications for EA this year (or so I've read on here? I think...) means there's a good chance there will be more applications in the RD pool. So let admissions know you want to go. I'm pretty sure that's what tipped me from the reject/waitlisted letter to the acceptance. I'm actually 100% sure (counting the phone call, ect ect).</p>

<p>So just put yourself out there already and just do it. Stop asking others if you should or not - the only person who knows how prepared you and your application are.</p>

<p>Even though Uchicago is my first choice and I would attend in a heart beat I decided against doing EA only because my Essays aren't even near ready and I want them to see how well I'm doing senior year too. I dunno if it helped you if you were already a strong applicant but I'd think having that time would make the essays more natural than rushed.</p>

<p>I applied EA because to be frank, I don't think I'd have a chance otherwise. It's so competitive..that it's hard to guesstimate your chances. I know that UofC is my first choice, and that I would walk there if I had to (I live in Pennsylvania) :P I told my mother that if I get in, I'm going. So I tried, to the best of my ability, to get that point across...</p>

<p>Now it's out of my hands....Fingers crossed, there's nothing I can do but wait.. :|</p>

<p>I'm a '13er, but I want to drop a few reasons of my own: </p>

<p>(a) I really fell in love with the school's teaching philosophy and academic-focused environment. I've always been a serious nerd so I thought that Chicago was so perfect for me. I wanted Chicago above all other schools. </p>

<p>(b) Going along with (a), I wanted to find out early so that I could prepare and say yes to them sooner. Obviously, (b) is mega fail because I sent my app via mail on 10/25 and I got in on 6/19.</p>

<p>(c) Applying early shows that you care and that you want to go. Because even if you don't get on the Chicago ship in December, you have more time to convince them that you want to go. I can't even begin to tell you how many e-mails I bombarded my admission counselor with and how many letters I sent them ... and eventually, called them. Of course, only after I gave up they said yes, which is kind of ironic.... </p>

<p>Also, based on personal experience, applying EA doesn't mean it's easier. Typically, people who apply EA are more prepared and it makes the applicant pool more competitive than it already is. Plus, almost every one who applies EA REALLY wants to go unless they look at the EA admission rate and say, "Chicago's ranked SO high and the admission rate is high ... I'm gonna make it my safety!!!" If you do that, you might be in for an epic disappointment, because almost everyone applying to Chicago is REALLY good.</p>

<p>if you're worried about rushed essays ... look at it this way. If you're truly that into Chicago, your burning desire and perfect fit will show on your essays even if they're imperfect. Actually, from experience, no matter how much you work on your app essays, they'll never be perfect. You'll always find something that you "could have done" to make it better.</p>

<p>Now back to studying for my math midterm..... whoops I totally have ADHD this afternoon.</p>

<p>Yeah I'm going to second what ab2013 said. It sucks I wont see you at UChicago next year, but I'm more than 100% sure Michigan is kicking some ass.</p>

<p>Again losing focus while studying for my math midterm (why does my mind do this to me???) </p>

<p>But while Michigan's great so far, I can't keep thinking, "What if I applied for transfer to Chicago?" (out of the question, btw)</p>