For those really nervous about getting in...Post your stats!

<p>I'm pretty clueless about my prospects. On one hand some people tell me I'll have no problem. Also I have friends last year who got in with worse stats (3.4 gpa!)
But looking at everyone else here, and at other friends from my school who got in, as well as UMich's stats for the freshman class, I feel like I'm a long shot.
I'm curious about the stats of other people who feel like they're borderline. Here are mine to start out.</p>

<p>-Asian male, instate, above average public school with class of 400+
-3.5 unweighted, very tough courseload, best year was freshman year (3.8), barely top 25% of class
-4 APs junior year, 4 senior year, forgot to submit scores of 5,5,4,3
-1560/2320 SAT
-national merit semifinalist (so far)
-4 years varsity cross country and track, some local awards in that area (league, regional)
-3 years school newspaper, 2 years as a section editor, some state awards in that area
-quizbowl club VP
-good (great?) essays, but over the word limit...really worried about how this will hurt me
-good solid recs, but nothing outstanding</p>

<p>Anyone else want to share, or comment on my profile?</p>

<p>PS: Please, no 3.9/33 instate people. You're in for sure! You'll just make me feel more nervous.</p>

<p>I feel the same way you do. I'll keep it short...</p>

<li>in-state (15 minutes from ann arbor, I know that means nothing)</li>
<li>umich gpa = 4.0</li>
<li>ACT score = 26 (always have been bad at standardized tests... always)</li>
<li>top 5% of graduating class</li>
<li>have taken all AP and honors courses available at my school</li>
<li>a lot of good extra curriculars</li>
<li>have been working at a hospital since march (I'm applying to kinesiology so maybe that will mean something to them)</li>
<li>recs should be great</li>
<li>essays are solid</li>

<p>No idea what to expect.</p>

<p>ttZERO2, I can see why you would be worried. But I have talked to a lot of people who have gotten accepted from my school, and know of people with similar stats as you. (Great GPA, subpar test scores). It probably won't make you any less nervous, but you will be fine. Everyone I have heard of that was similar to you got in easily, except for one girl with a 4.0/24 who had the easiest schedule.</p>

<p>that is really good to hear, but you are right, it doesn't help the nervousness. You seem like a really good prospect as well. Your SAT scores seem really good, although I don't know how the scoring works. Your GPA is good coming from an above average public high school and having a really tough course load. They will look at your course load and be impressed. Same thing with your extracurriculars.</p>

<p>Haha, I'm not sure if I'm borderline, but I'm nervous. My courseload is only really hard this year. If it weren't for the fact that they only look at soph/junior year, I'd be altogether screwed, since my freshman year was horrible.</p>

<p>Out of State, Suburban Public High School
UMich GPA: 3.88 (Actual GPA is 3.4 unweighted, 3.6 weighted)
Rank: 56/258 (~25%)
SAT: 1480/1600, 2280/2400
3 Honors, 2 AP, (5 AP Senior Year)
ECs: 4 Years of Speech & Debate (National Forensics League, Captain 2007-2008)
Awards: Special Distinction (Debate), National Merit Commended Student</p>

<p>No idea where I stand.</p>

<p>For instate, I would say you'd be in for sure, but OOS is a lot more unpredictable. I'm not sure how they weigh OOS.</p>

-3.7 GPA
-32 ACT
-most rigorous schedule at my school, all APs/honors
-ECs: volunteering, tutoring, peer counseling, student government
-good essays (lol everyone says this)
-good recs (same)
-first generation college student</p>

<p>i hope my being in-state and my relatively high ACT (especially for my school where the average was 18!) helps me.</p>

<p>btw, your SAT is REALLY high. they'd be nuts to not accept you! you seem like a great test taker, and they'd have to look at your course load. i think a course load like what you describe makes up for the 3.5.</p>

<p>-in-state (well known private school)
-umich gpa 3.7 (upward trend 3.45 sophomore year 4.0 jr year)
-31 ACT
-2AP's (senior year)
-2 varsity sports
- a little community service
- 3rd generation at u Mich ( grandma, both parents and now my brother)</p>

<p>Im just nervous because i dont have any honors and only 2 AP's</p>

<p>Out of state: Public school in Florida, in IB program
UM GPA: 3.79 (really a 3.83 UW and 4.68W...i moved from michigan after freshman year which was all a's into an IB program so it took a bit to adjust, but i got all a's junior year
ACT: 30, 32 (i only sent the 32 but i think they show all of them on there)
AP: 5 on Psych, 4 on English
IB: In the program, so at least 6 IB courses every semester
EC's: NHS, French NHS, Physics Club, Internship at a district court, heavily involved in big brothers, IB Student Union Board (kinda like IB outreach to the community and stuff)
Recs: One really amazing one from a lawyer who taught an enrichment course at michigan over summer i attended, one good one from a judge i worked for, and i havent seen the teacher and counselor but they should be solid
Essays: Pretty solid
Used to live in Michigan, legacy (grandpa, grandma plus aunt and uncle but they dont count them, though i put it in my essay).</p>

<p>Thanks psuedovirus. The truth is, I was relatively lazy throughout high school and my high test score to low gpa probably reflects that, haha. But I also put my work experience, I had a summer job as an office receptionist the past two years, hopefully that helps. And I put a lot of dedication and commitment into my sports, which I wrote about in my essay.</p>

<p>In-state, one of the best public high schools
UM GPA: 3.71
ACT: 31
3 APs Junior (5 Psych, 4 Lang, 3 US), 4 senior, rest mostly honors (not quite most rigorous, I didn't take honors in middle school--but the number of advanced classes increases as I progress through high school)
ECs: Secretary of community service club, volunteering at library (which ultimately led to a job)
Of course I think my essays are good, I wouldn't have submitted them otherwise ;)
Recs show growth as a person throughout high school</p>

<p>My problem is my GPA is a downward trend. Freshman year I had a 4.0, which of course they don't look at. Sophomore and especially junior year were kind of bad, though I never got below a B...</p>

<p>srgirl- i had the same problems. freshmen year was great, but junior year was definitely the worst out of the three. i did, however, miss almost a month of school due to an illness. i included an explanation & i hope they look at that.</p>

<p>I don't even really have a good excuse</p>

<p>Shifty, I'm also from an IB school from which Michigan heavily recruits. They LOVE the IB. You're so in you could drown yourself in a pool of it.</p>

<p>dma1748, your SAT score and ECs are excellent; they will easily negate any bad vibe your GPA gives off. I'd say you're in; almost everyone from my school applies to Michigan, and nobody with an SAT that high was rejected last year.</p>

<p>Really? I heard they like it for rigor I didn't know if it was a huge deal. I mean, it is the most rigorous you can get, its like taking 7 AP on steroids courses per semester haha. Have you heard back from them Harr?</p>

<p>Applying for LSA (Ross preferred)
IB Diploma Candidate (~12 IB classes junior and senior year)
All honors classes freshman, sophomore year
GPA: 3.7/4.0 UW
SAT 1: 2300 (730 V, 770 M, 800 W)
SAT 2s: 700 chem, 690 bio, 790 math
ECs and honors: too lazy to list but theres a lot.</p>

<p>HARRRR thanks for the encouragement! I really hope so (although I'm sure everyone here will be just as excited as me if they get accepted!).</p>

<p>Do you got to IA btw?</p>

<p>PS: college2013 are you instate? If so you're definitely in, at least for LSA.</p>

<p>I'm out of state (new jersey) but I go to a very competitive school in which at least 50 people will apply to michigan</p>