For those who applied to UCSB for Econ and Accounting

<p>For those who applied to UCSB for Economics and Accounting, have you guys completed or are going to complete all the pre-reqs before transferring to UCSB? And did you guys happen to tag or have been accepted yet?</p>

<p>I tagged to UCSB and I might not be able to finish Managerial Accounting before transferring. Would that affect my status? </p>

Calculus for Business or Calculus 1 and 2
Financial Accounting
Managerial Accounting</p>


<p>if you are going to finish what youve listed in TAG then your are fine, but in the other case if you didn’t finish what you listed in TAG, your tag may get rescind. It’s just like a contract, you signed the contract, they will guarantee your admission in return you need to fulfill your contract by complete these classes at minimum GPA.</p>

<p>UCSB TAG for Economics and Accounting requires you to finish all your pre-reqs. If not, they will rescind your TAG and will evaluate your application as regular applicants. Couple of my buddies and I finished our pre-reqs since last semester, and we were accepted on the first batch. Hope that helps :O</p>

<p>linsane, I got accepted with 3.4 without TAG</p>

<p>I am finishing one last class ending this spring that will fulfill my IGETC</p>

<p>I have already finished macro, micro, financial accounting, managerial accounting, stats, calc 1, calc 2.</p>

<p>lin for the win</p>

<p>not sure about the tag…but I’m reading the “exploring majors” section with my CC and UCSB and it states some things that I think should calm you down…Assist states,</p>

<p>“Transfer students are strongly advised to complete as many major preparatory courses as possible prior to enrolling at UCSB. Although completion of all major<br>
preparatory courses is not an admissions requirement, completion, or near<br>
completion, of these courses will help students move more efficiently toward<br>
graduation after transfer.”</p>

<p>Assist goes on to say the following:</p>

<p>"Admission selection information:<br>
Transfer students who wish to declare the Economics and Accounting pre-major
should complete the following four courses with a 2.75 grade-point average, with
no individual grade less than “C”: one microeconomics course, one macroeconomics
course, and one of the two options; one calculus course and one statistics
course or two calculus courses "</p>

<p>It sounds like Managerial accounting is a class they would like you to have but it doesn’t like like a requirement for admission…Again, this is the major requirements on assist …I’m not sure it is exactly the same for Taggers…it is much more important to do your Bus Calc/Stats or Calc1/2 + macro/micro econ classes…they sound like they are required.</p>

<p>I’m an econ acct. major that was accepted for fall 12…I’m paranoid too because I deviated a bit from my planned/in-progress courses but all maj reqs will be done by end of spring. Hope to see you in SB if I/you decide to go there.</p>

<p>i tagged to UCSB as an econ and accounting major, and I have taken calc 1, stats, micro econ, macro econ, financial, and managerial accounting. i am currently in a calc 2 class that i might have to drop with a W, would that affect my tag?</p>

<p>If you drop a class that you listened on your approved Tag, yes it could cause your admission to be rescinded. Bottom line its a contract and dropping a class would not be fulfilling your part of the contract. Pretty cut and dry.</p>

<p>I spoke with Admission Counselors at UCSB through College Weekly Live Chat yesterday. They told me that managerial accounting is not a major pre-req, and that it should not be a problem that I was not able to get that class even though I’m tagged. (Keyword: should) As long as it is not part of my 60 units required to transfer or part of the 7 UC course pattern. However, the major requirements are econ 1 and 2, business calc or calc 1 and 2, and statistics which are required major pre-reqs with a 2.75 GPA or higher.</p>

<p>Also, note, ucsb pre-Econ/acct major is one attempt choice only before you are barred from applying for this major again. In other words, once you are denied from the pre-major you are denied for permanently.</p>

<p>lawlking- because it is an impacted major? and you’re referring to one attempt when you are at ucsb taking the core required classed in which you need to have a certain average gpa for you to enter the major, right?</p>

<p>Both. If you don’t get into pre-major you are banned. If you get into pre-major but don’t pass then you will be banned.</p>

<p>^^ it sounds harsh, but you could talk to your counselor and have them erase your transcript and start from fresh. I know someone with econ and accounting from ucsb that had it done</p>

<p>I am a transfer student who applied to UCSB for the econ and accounting with a gpa of 3.4. So I did tag but last semester I failed my business calculus class bringing my gpa down to a 3.1 but I’m retaking it this semester and will have my F replaced before I transfer. Does anyone know if I’ll still have a chance to get in through tag still or even without? Any advice would help please!! I hate this waiting process</p>

<p>Monigobran- Honestly, that calculus class might have cost you the admission to UCSB because the transfer update now shows that you have an “F” grade, which still has not been revised. Although you are taking the course now, they would not know your grade and if you were currently going to pass your course. The F grade lowered your GPA and made you less competitive and your math (recommended) requirement is not fulfilled.</p>

<p>If all didn’t happen, you would be an identical candidate as me. 3.4gpa without TAG. I was admitted during the first batch</p>


<p>I plan on applying to UC Santa Barbara in Fall 12. The only prereq I’m missing is the calc portion. Would it better to take calc 1 and 2 or just business calc? I know it’s an either/or thing but did anyone get accepted with just taking business calc? Thanks in advance</p>

<p>Business calc is wayyyy easier</p>


You could do that, but these are expensive classes.</p>

<p>YEAH it is way easier and I rather take that than calc 1 & 2 but everyone that I’ve seen get accepted into the econ & acct didn’t take business calc</p>

<p>lawlking- yeah, i personally wont mind paying the money as a consequence of poor performance. To be kicked out of an intended major would suck big time!</p>