For those who are accepted, what does the acceptance package contain?

<p>Does the acceptance package have a certificate, which I can frame?</p>

<p>Also does it have a viewbook/brochure? What about a course catalog?</p>

<p>Any free T-Shirts?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance for the responses.</p>

<p>Free T-shirts? What?</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure that all acceptances were simply a letter and some type of verification form. No big packets yet.</p>

<p>No I meant for the big packet that will come in April.</p>

<p>What is usually in those? I hope it is a nice certificate.</p>

<p>I don't think there was a's just a huge folder with all the info you need for housing/dining/move in stuff and a lot of other info that I can't remember at the moment...</p>

<p>It'll be a little self centerd (but im sure your parents would love it)... if you get accepted you can make your own certificate to frame (but i wouldnt brag about doing it)</p>

<p>HAHA certificate? </p>

<p>Dear, I think you get one when you graduate. Not one for "getting accepted into a college". Imagine what that would look like....</p>

<p>haha...yeah. wait for the diploma...much cooler than a certificate declaring your acceptance :-)</p>

<p>you can even buy the $130 frame to go with it...hehe</p>

<p>DAMN lol! 130 dollars for a frame?! my gosh!</p>

<p>I guess it's worth it though.. hahaha xD</p>

<p>Hey Dew, where is NOLA? O-o</p>

<p>are you studying abroad? :O</p>

<p>Cornell will nickel and dime you wherever they can :-) But...the diploma frames are I guess it's</p>

<p>NOLA = New Orleans, Louisiana. My family is moving down there after I graduate and I'm going with them :-)</p>

<p>Nice! :D!</p>

<p>I'm sure you've mentioned this before somewhere, but are you a grad student or undergrad?</p>

<p>A classmate I know got a hoodie from a school that accepted him. Ive heard of a college sending maple syrup to admitted students but I forgot which one</p>

<p>Azhao...I'm an undergrad...soon to be alum :D</p>

<p>A lot schools give shirts and stuff. My friend, from Colgate, got shirts, pants, key chain, among other things, but I guess thats because they have fewer kids.</p>

<p>Could be...when I accepted to University of Rochester, the admissions counselor who interviewed me sent me a lanyard/keychain</p>

<p>I just thought that it would be nice to hang up my acceptances on the wall....I guess I can just hang up the letter...or does that look bad?</p>

<p>rutgers, even though its a college thats pretty easy to get into, sent certificates w/ the acceptance package</p>

<p>you can hang up your letter....when I was accepted for transfer I was a tool and hung my letter on my door for all to see...hehe</p>

<p>Yep. Rutgers sent certificates.</p>

<p>The admission package is just a normal-sized envelope with one paper in it. That's it. From the outside, it really looks like a rejection letter ahaha. It just says they'll send you a thick packet in april. So very inconspicuous...</p>