for those who did better than a 2000?

<p>how did you prepare for the SAT's and what SAT guides did you use?</p>

<p>vocab flashcards and BB practice</p>

<p>lots and lots aand didi say lots of practice tests...musta done oveer 20....
2170 not bad 1500/1600 good</p>

<p>umm i also took PR classes
and also another class </p>

<p>this SAT scor eprolly cost me like 1200 dolalrs total </p>

<p>but its an investment for the future.</p>

<p>I got this book Hot words for the SAT </p>

<p></a> Hot Words for the SAT I: Linda Carnevale: Books</p>

<p>It really helped and I could almost swear that at least 70% from the SAT were on here. I also really practiced reading the Critical Reading passages because I used to have a lot of trouble with that.</p>

<p>Wow that book seems like its worth trying since it only costs a penny</p>

<p>I did the following</p>

<p>PR Class (not really worth the money)
Kaplan book (good, but PR has some better strategies)
Flash cards (helped me the most)</p>

<p>I bought a ton of Kaplan Flashcards for math, and did about one third of them (and got a high 700 in math). I think if I had completed all of them I would have gotten an 800, which is what I am hoping for the next time I take it.</p>

<p>I read the Blue Book and the PR book (sans the vocab section -- I don't memorize vocab). I also did the practice tests in each of the books. </p>

<p>I got a 2340.</p>

<p>No prep classes for me. I simply took endless practice tests, studied the Sparknotes 250 vocab, read and highlighted a few prep books, and studied in particular the Kaplan 2400 prep book.</p>

<p>Blue Book to start, Kaplan books (but not the actual course) for the bulk of things, and to fine tune my skills, and all the Kaplan practice tests. And lots of intellectual reading and</p>

<p>I just took LOTS AND LOTS OF PRACTICE TESTS. That's it. :]</p>

<p>It's all about practice tests. I took about 6 under real-ish conditions, went over the answers, and my score went up 500 points. This will get you familiar with all the question types and also teach you how to best pace yourself throughout the test, and if you're totally comfortable with what is being thrown at you, 2000+ should be no problem.</p>

<p>Practice Tests.</p>

<p>hey, does anyone know the link to the Kaplan flashcards the poster above was talking about?</p>

<p>^^^My school gave us a free course by Kaplan, and they gave us a pack of flashcards. The vocab ones were only okay...I knew practically every word, but the math ones were good for reviewing those minute little skills you might have forgotten.</p>

<p>what about rocket review, anyone use it boost there score?</p>

<p>i just bought the barrons SAT prep book, i don't know if i like it so far, but there are a lot of math review and vocab words. The problems seem so different from collegeboards, is it a good source for prep? </p>

<p>anyone recommend up your score?</p>

<p>First of all, there's a world's difference between 2000 and 2400. I got a 2030 with no study, and a 2180 with 6 practice tests, SOME vocab memorization, and a little SAT essay practice. I have now worked everything in BB and am hoping for a 2300. Basically, to move from a 1800-2000 requires a whole lot less work than moving from a 2000-2200, and that requires a whole lot less work than moving from a 2200-2400.</p>

<p>i took all the blue book practice tests...consistently scored between 2190 and 2290 (i ended up with a 2230).</p>

<p>i used gruber's for the math section. i also took a free prep class at my local library from a local test prep agency, it was pretty useless except for writing, it helped me a lot.</p>

<p>i went through that box of 1000 vocab words from sparknotes. one of the very first words i learned from it was on my test ("quixotic")</p>

<p>for my essay i posted a bunch of essays on cc under one of my friend's accounts and ended up getting highly useful feedback from ppl who had literally aced the sat or at least the essay portion. (i ended up with a 10 on the actual test, but i think it was because i was so nervous that i didn't even end up finishing my entire essay, i left off mid sentence. otherwise, i'm sure with the advice and help of my gracious graders here on cc, i could have managed an 11 or 12.)</p>

<p>i used barron's "how to prepare for the sat" too for extra practice, but their questions for writing are really off, and the math is just unnecessarily hard. the questions don't actually test the same specific knowledge/skills as the actual collegeboard questions, so i wouldn't recommend it. one thing barron's did help with though was critical reading. it used to be my worst, but by going through a bunch of ridiculously hard CR passages in the barron's book, it rose to become my highest score because i learned how to think more critically about what i read (critical reading, lol).</p>

<p>i'd also say that it is VERY important to be well-rested before test day. i never believed all those ppl who told you not to study the day before the sat because cramming will just reduce your score by making you nervous. i realize now that they were right. it's really hard to sit through a four hour test on saturday morning if all you want to do is go home and sleep. </p>

<p>also, go to the bathroom during breaks or just don't drink too much water. i messed up on at least three easy math questions because i reallly had to go pee.</p>

<p>hope this helps. i'll probably end up retaking the sat so i think what i've said isn't exactly effective enough to break 2300, but if your goal is 2000, it should be sufficient. good luck=)</p>

<p>hahahah very funny gama</p>

<p>i did some tests from the official SAT test book from Collegeboard...</p>

<p>but to be honest, i felt like the SAT was impossible to study for, so i didn't study much. the night before, i went to bed at 8 PM - i think that helped =]</p>

<p>i got a 2350</p>