For Those who have Barrons Math II BOOK!

<p>On page 83 Example 2</p>

<p>It is using law of sines</p>

<p>Can someone explain why it says</p>

<p>sinB = (150 *.5)/ (75sqrt(2))</p>

<p>Specifically, I don't understand why 150 is being divided by 2. In the law of sines formula, that is not present.</p>

<p>If you post the problem I'll try to answer it</p>

<p>Find the number of degrees in the other two angles of triangle ABC if C=75sqrt(2), B=150, and angle C = 30 degrees</p>

<p>Because sin30 degrees equals 1/2.</p>

<p>According to the law of sines:</p>

<p>75sqrt(2) over sin30 = 150 over sinB and therefore
75sqrt(2) x sinB = sin30 x 150
sin30 equals 1/2, so
75sqrt(2) x sinB = 150 x 1/2 = 75
and so sinB equals 75 over 75sqrt(2), which is sqrt(2)/2, and you get that angle B could be either 45 or 135 degrees, the same is for angle A.
Hope that helps.</p>