For those who scored very well on reading comp... what helped you the most

<p>For those who scored very well in reading comp ~800, but I will also count 740+... what helped you the most.</p>

<p>I wanted to know if you have any advice for me, (scoring around 620), to improve my score. What helped you the most? Was it a lot of practice that helped? Was it studying vocab? </p>

<p>Did you use a certain prep book? (i already did blue book)</p>

<p>my math and writing are head and shoulders above my reading so i really want to boost it.</p>


<p>My tip would've have been not to do all of the blue book at one time. But rather, get another book with CR exercises (RocketReview, a vocab list, etc.) and do the blue book periodically.</p>

<p>really the best way to raise a reading score is to read. reading the practice passages will only do so much. read other things like books and magazines to work on reading speed and comprehension, and it will also help your vocab.</p>