For those who swear by DH

<p>For those who swear by Direct Hits, how 'confident' are you in answering the level 4 and 5 questions on the sentence completions? How often do you come across a word that you do not know?</p>

<p>In all honesty, I was disappointed to see that many of the words on the June SAT were not in direct hits. It has been very accurate in the past, however.</p>

<p>To prep for the sentence completions, I compiled a list of all the vocab words I didn't know that I saw as I went through the Blue Book, the white real sat's book, the red real sat's book, and 6 other real sat's I found online. I then bought direct hits, and realized that about 95 percent of the words were on the list I had already compiled. DH, as well as other SAT prep vocab lists, are made up of "common" SAT words that have appeared on previous SAT's. They are quite useful for all but anywhere from 1-3 sentence completions on new tests. For example, I had seen every word on the March test except for "pantheon" and had seen every word on the June test except for "acolyte", "apoplectic", and "vanguard". So, to answer your question, DH is extremely useful for the majority of sentence completions, but there will very likely be those 1 or 2 level 4 or 5 words on the test that will not be in DH and will take a combination of reasoning, elimination, and personal recall to answer correctly.</p>

<p>I read both volumes prior to the June SAT, and on practice tests i always got 0/1 wrong. There was occasionally a question with two words I didn't know and a guess ensued. I think DH performed exceptionally poorly on the June SAT and I got 2 vocab wrong (partly my fault, partly DH). </p>

<p>To answer your question, DH tremendously increased my confidence on SC questions.</p>

<p>DH will obviously work quite well on the practice tests because those are the resources from which it was made. However, it will also perform pretty well on the real tests, except for, as I already mentioned, a few questions.</p>

<p>This book definetly raised my confidence on sen completions. It's a pity that it didn't help much on the June test, but I think it helped me narrow down answers because I ha been studying. Even then, I found the sen completions this time hard</p>