For Those Who Took ACT For First Time: What Did You Think?

<p>For those that took the ACT for the first time today, what were your thoughts? I took it for the first time, and thought it was alright ( to me, easier than the SAT overall).</p>

<p>The Math and English is what I expected it to be.. Reading was easier than I expected, while the Science was tough.</p>

<p>Keep in mind, I'm not the best test taker.. My score is going to be average compared to most of you. However, I plan to take it again in October and to continue working on my weaknesses on this test.</p>

<p>The floor is yours now guys!</p>

<p>meh, thought the science and math were relatively easy. Thought the english was okay and found the reading somewhat hard but I am not really a fast reader so like I said, meh.</p>

<p>IDK IDK IDK It somewhat better than the SAT</p>

<p>I thought it was much better than the SAT. Less tripping up and more just straight knowledge.</p>

<p>I also took it for the first time today and only prepped with 2 Red Book practice tests, Composite on those was about a 28-29.</p>

<p>The Science killed me. Math, Reading, English werent bad, but Science…god…i hope i do well.</p>

<p>I feel the same as jacobo2880, I was able to finish the math and science tests with some time remaining. English I was able to finish on time, but for reading I saved Prose Fiction for last and I answered all ?s for everything but Prose Fiction. Hopefully I did okay there…
As for writing I managed to write 3 paragraphs for nearly two pages, I hope that’s enough for a 7 or 8.</p>