For Those Who Will Take SAT II BIO..

<p>I took Bio last year and am currently taking AP Bio this year.
What the heck is E and M?
should we choose which section we are going to take at the test center?
or let's say, we study E for entire month and take E..</p>

<p>Ecological and Molecular</p>

<p>Only part of the test is E or M so you still have to know everything, but if you want to take the E section, then you should be extra sharp on that.</p>

<p>the two tests each have 80 questions with 60 questions common to both of them. there will be both E and M questions in this core, so you do need to know both. </p>

<p>You don't have to decide until the test day. And if you even wanted, you could look at both sections and decide real quick DURING the test. But then you're gonna have to bubble in the codes for whether you took E or M so you're gonna lose time. I was done all 80 questions with 10 minutes to spare though.</p>

<p>I took bio about 3 years ago, and most of it's emphasis was on E. I have to give SAT IIs in bio for one of my college choices. I was thinking about giving M, since it's pretty straight forward stuff, just memorizing, and because I don't remember anything from my bio class anyways. But, now I think that I shouldn't, since I haven't taken any labs. So, would E be a better choice for me?</p>

<p>Let's talk about something called mental labs. In my biology classes (regular and AP), my labs have been second rate at best. Natural selection lab was done by seeing which utensils were most fit for picking up marbles. lol. I got a 5 on AP and an 800 on Bio M/E and i just didnt do labs. when you cant do labs, try to envision them in your mind and understand fully the processes and techniques used to demonstrate the outcome. most biology classes ive seen are more molecular style classes and usually there are only 4-6 lab questions on the sat II bio M and those are just reasoning questions that dont require much lab experience. sometimes they even just test your ability to understand data. trust me, i know this from experience because i am more comfortable with cellular/molecular bio stuff:
it is better to get a question like:
what replaces thymine in RNA?</p>

<p>than a question like:
which animals generally maintain a population status that is close to carrying capacity?</p>

<p>the ecology stuff is just stuff i havent seen in many bio 1 classes. if youve had AP though, neither of the tests should be a big problem.</p>