For those who worked in research outside of a set program...

<p>For those of you who worked in research (science) for a summer with a professor at some college outside of any set program like cornell nanobiotech, hshsp, etc......</p>

<p>....I have a few questions and if you could answer them, I would be really grateful!</p>

<p>1) Where did you do the research? With who?</p>

<p>2) How did you decide who to contact about a research opportunity? When/how did you contact them? Did you send a resume? Write a nice letter?</p>

<p>3) How/when did the professor respond?</p>

<p>4) What did you do about room/boarding/food/etc.?</p>

<p>Thanks again! A list of names of professors and the places they work at and whether or not they are open to letting high school students work with them should be helpful to many ppl here=)</p>

<p>D did for the past 2 years and will again this summer, but it was not a room and board situation. We live close to the school and commuted. The faculty member has expanded program and formalized it with applications, but there is no money involved for the student, just the research opportunity for the kids all of whom are from the genearal area. Researcher was the father of one of her friends, and she asked, pure serendipity. At this point the program is set for this summer and you would have to be in Phila.</p>

<p>1) I did research at Columbia with an astrophysics professor.</p>

<p>2) My friend had done research there the year prior, so I sent the professor an email asking about opportunities. I then had an interview at the university.</p>

<p>3) We had a steady correspondence by email.</p>

<p>4) I live on Long Island, so I took the train in every day. For lunch, I would find nearby restaurants. I didn't use university facilities.</p>

<p>I am not really sure that I would like to reveal the name of the professor. We ended on poor terms because it was a very bad experience overall. I never received guidance and was left confused with everybody in the lab on vacation. In retrospect, I feel that I would have gained more at a formal program. My experience probably also had to do with the fact that I was at a physics laboratory as opposed to a biology or chemistry laboratory, at which I could have performed more straightforward, experimental work instead of the engineering/applied physics design work I did at that lab.</p>

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