For those who've given both sat and act

<p>Can u guys post both scores? I wanna get an idea if i should take the act. I got a 1940 my 1st sat. 1950 my 2nd sat. Going to give 3rd but now im considering the act as well.</p>

<p>2190 and 32</p>

<p>I got a 1930, 2010 and a 32 (which equates to around a 2100)</p>

<p>ACT was easier for me.</p>

<p>2230 and 33</p>

<p>1960->2100, then a 34 act
The ACT just came easier</p>

<p>Well i just gave a practice study free ACT.
31 composite
36 math
31 reading
30 writing
28 science (i was dead at this point, didnt bother reading. Chose the most reasonable answer, based on hunches)</p>

<p>My SAT is
Math: 750
CR: 550
Writing: 680</p>

<p>Should i give the ACT? Thanks for ur help btw</p>

<p>Yes ACT looks to be stronger for you (31 is approximately 2050.)</p>

<p>This was a mcgraw hill test btw</p>

<p>I read somewhere that SATs are better for people who prefer strategies, while the ACT may be better for those who prefer memorizing. Maybe that would be of relevance.</p>

<p>Thanks for this post - helpful to see example scores</p>

<p>Wat i really liked about the act, i noticed that it didnt have any tricks that the sat is full of. Also, the order is set. Only four sections in a set order. Whereas sat has 10 sections in random order one of which is an experimental.</p>

<p>Don’t take another mcgraw hill test. Take a Real ACT (red book) test. </p>

<p>I also like that about the ACT</p>

<p>My friend took both- 26 vs. 1500 :/</p>

<p>2280/34 first time. retook and got 2330/36. The SAT seemed easier for me despite what the scores have to say. ACT was too much memorizing and not enough critical thinking skills in my opinion. I’m sure it varies person to person though.</p>

<p>First SAT 2020, aiming for a 22+ this october.</p>

<p>Never officially took the ACT, but I just took a practice test and scored a 32. It is much easier for me.</p>

<p>When I took the ACT it did seem harder because of the time constraints, but I didn’t have time to over analyze like the SAT.</p>

<p>Whats wrong with mcgraw hills? Too easy? Not accurate?</p>

<p>Took the second mcgraw hill test (again no study)</p>

<p>Composite - 31
Math - 36
Writing - 27
Reading - 24
Science - 35</p>

<p>2300 and 35
For me, the SAT felt easier just because I had much more exposure to it. If you’ve taken the PSAT, I’ve heard from someone over at the Princeton Review that if you do better on the math section of the PSAT than the reading section, you’ll most likely do better on the SAT than the ACT and vice versa. Not sure how true that is so take it as you will.</p>

<p>McGraw hills tests are much too easy and are not accurate at all!</p>