For those with a laptop in college...

<p>1) How much does it weigh?
2) How often do you bring it around?
3)How often does everyone else bring it around?
4)Anymore comments?</p>


<p>1) 6.7lbs</p>

<p>2) i occasionally take it to the student union to work on things.. it also goes to the library every now and then.. i also take it over to friends to work on homework if it involves the computer (web development)</p>

<p>3) about 1/2 of my web development class takes their laptops to class with them, but i don't take mine because i don't want it to be a distraction. that's the only class that people actually bring their laptops to.</p>

<p>4)I have a toshiba and it's a nice decent sized laptop.</p>

<p>about 4.5-5 lbs</p>

<p>Rarely do I take it to class, occasionally to the library but they have computers there to use so I just put my files on my school provided student webspace. But it sure is nicer to take home than a desktop.</p>

<p>Less than 5% of people in my classes take them. Most people find that all they end up doing is surfing the net and emailing. (You think you won't do it but you will!)</p>

<p>I have an IBM Thinkpad T-40, highly recommend it. IBM's have the best keyboards on the market.</p>

<p>1) 5.9 lbs
2) I've taken it in the lounges but thats about it.
3) Very few people carry their laptops outside of their dorm buildings. Maybe a few take them to the library and such, but other than that, you don't see it often.
4) It's a iBook and it's awesome hehe</p>

<li> 10 pounds or so (17 inch widescreen)</li>
<li> it's only been out of my room twice this semester</li>
<li> no one carries laptops around</li>
<li> I like my toshiba (very convienient to take home on breaks and save space on my desk)</li>

<p>THANKS so much for your guys input. More would be appreciated =) I like to play games on the computer (like CS:Source) from time to time - knowing that laptops arent taken around much, do you suggest I get a heavier laptop for increased performance?</p>

<p>I also hear that you don't necessarily have to have a machine that can handle games that high because everyone aroudn you is gonna have an Xbox or somehting of that sort anyways. Any comments on this? Any new people replying, I ask you to please reply to the first message as well. THANKS!</p>

<p>Get a lightweight SMALL laptop, and have a desktop back at the room.</p>

<p>If only things were that easy. I am in no position to have a backup =\ Thanks for the idea though.</p>

<p>then just get a desktop.</p>

<p>you won't be impressed with any HL2 games on a laptop (they dont have the graphics preformance yet)</p>

<p>1) It used to weigh 5 pounds.
2) I never carried it anywhere.
3) In my school, we have limited wireless so the amount of students who carry laptops around are very low.
4) Without wireless internet, I would recommend a desktop. They are cheaper, more powerful, and much more difficult to steal.</p>

<p>1) A little over 5 lbs.
2) I took it around more last semester to kill time between classes but with my new schedule, I can come back to my dorm so it has only left my room the few times I've watched a movie with someone.
3) In class a percentage takes their laptops with them for notetaking/recreation. I'd say about 10% of the kids will have them in class. Lately the weather has been great so I see a lot of folks on campus just sitting on a bench working away on their computers.
4) I have an Acer and have no complaints.</p>