For those with mulitple interest...

<p>How did you choose your major/career? I love aviation and law, but the two don't mix. I can't decide whether I want to be an air traffic controller, pilot, or lawyer. Should I just pursue my interest in aviation and then later decide on my current circumstances if I should go to law school or not?</p>

<p>I know absolutely nothing about aviation/air traffic control (you need a general college degree? interesting- saw this: Air</a> Traffic Controllers), but pre-law students can major in anything.</p>

<p>Literally, anything. From how I understand it, law schools don't care what your undergrad major is- only that you have a good gpa and a good lsat.
You've got 4 years of college to decide if you want to go to law school.</p>

<p>Also, I don't see why you couldn't mix the two. I'm sure there is plenty to do with a degree in law related to aviation.</p>

<p>court cases at 10,000 feet? I smell a sitcom....</p>

<p>haha in case I wasn't clear enough, there is plenty involved in the law aspect (on the ground), of faa regulations.</p>

<p>I picked political science and law because the skills gained from getting those degrees can be put toward anything I am interested in.</p>

<p>one of my multiple interests being advocating correct spelling, the title of this thread disturbs me.</p>

<p>Aviation and law are very connected. You have FAA regulations, international agreements, and many other types of contracts ranging from employment, to aircraft leases, among other things. While positions in aviation law are often behind the scenes, nothing is preventing you from being the head of an employee union or something.</p>

<p>As far as multiple interests go, yo can major/minor in whatever you want and have the time and money to pursue. Keep in mind that you may end up having jobs that are not based on all of your major(s), if any. That said, try to go to a school that has an aviation program since you are interested in aviation.</p>

<p>You always could take up flying as a hobby and specialize in law related to aviation issues.</p>

<p>You also could work as a pilot for a while and then go to law school. Most people in our society eventually have at least 5 careers.</p>