For UC's, SAT or ACT? Which is ultimately better?

Hi everyone! I’ve been reading a lot of threads and it seems like for us rising juniors, the impending question is whether to take the SAT or ACT. The reason this question is being asked is because of the new SAT change, which at this point in time, is probably going to be a lot of trouble for a lot of people. I want some opinions from others, because I don’t know if taking the SAT is still worth it. I’m going to apply to UC’s and CSU’s, and I want to know if moving to the ACT is ultimately for the better or for the worse.

Will taking the SAT (old and new) this year be best? Will taking the ACT be best? Or will taking the old SAT up until January and the ACT after that be best? I REALLY need some help so any advice at all helps!

If I was in your position, I would just stick to the ACT.

Take each test and see how you do. Pick the test with the higher score and concentrate on prepping for that test.

^ This.

Honestly, I don’t think colleges have a specific preference, it certainly will not be a defining factor. Maybe the more science orientated prefer the ACT but you should just take both, see which you do better on, then just work on that

ALL colleges accept either the SAT or ACT. There is only one college I know of that claims a preference (a CA college for the ACT).

All colleges and universities equally consider both tests. No test is “easier” than the other. The factor that students must consider when choosing which test to take and prepare for is which one is a better fit for his or her abilities.

As suggested above, try each test, under test conditions, and see where your strengths lie.

Whichever you score higher on.

It is much much more up to the student rather than to the school. Choose whichever you may perform better, or both.