Fordham 2013

<p>what are my chances of joining the Fordham class of 2013? Ill graduated in 2009!</p>

<p>3.4 GPA (weighted)
Hon. History/Social Studies 4 yrs
Hon. English 2 yrs
AP Environmental Science
Reg. Science 3 yrs.</p>

<p>Hon. Summa Theologica 12
Reg. Theology-9-11</p>

<p>Basic math courses 4 yrs.
(IEP diagnosis-ADD) basically I have a learning disability Attention Deficit related. </p>

<p>Select Chorus- 2 yrs
Hon. Chrous- 2 yrs
French-2 yrs
Field Hockey- 9/10 grades
Lacrosse 9-12
Dance-7 years
Swimming 13 yrs </p>

<p>Key Club Vice President
Member of Catholic Vision Club
Academic award in Math/Science
Chosen to attend Notre Dame Summer Program
100+ hours of Community Service
100+ hours of church-related service</p>

<p>at least 3 Excellent Recomendations</p>

<p>Great-Grandfather was a prof. at Fordham (I dont know if this matters)</p>

<p>thanks this means alot!</p>

<p>i forgot to mention I am currently awaiting my SAT scores </p>

<p>I am shooting for an 1840 at least </p>

<p>I will be taking the ACT in April and am shooting for a 28</p>

<p>gpa is a little low i would work on raising that until the beginning of your senior year and if you can get that SAT and ACT score you shouldn't have much of a problem..your EC's look good as well....apply EA to show your interest</p>

<p>thanks yeah I do have about a year to raise my gpa and i am definitely applying EA. thanks again!</p>

<p>GPA is low, especially if its already weighted...ouch! Keep working. And good luck.</p>