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In the decision letter it states, “Although this is not the decision for which you hoped, there are steps you can take to remain under active review. The first one is to submit your wait list response form.”

does anyone know what the other steps will be or is it only the form?

Pretty sure it has to do with demonstrating interest.
My plan right now is to wait a little bit for another email, and if there’s no communication then to email the admissions office to ask what else I can do.
I know some colleges let waitlisted students attend admitted students events, and Fordham has a few of those soon, so that might become an option.

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yeah, what i plan on doing after completing the waitlist response form is to maybe email the office of undergrad admissions within the next week or two something within the lines of me still being very interested in going to fordham, just so they are aware that you’re attentive to the results and etc. wish us the best of luck

Thank you! Feel free to post here throughout the process.

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Will do!

on the waitlist response form, there is an option to sign up for spring transfer- does anyone know how many people typically get spring transfer?

Has anyone received any updates or been offered a waitlist spot yet?

Last year they came out on the third weekend in April. And then the rest came out may 1st

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Anyone heard?

Nothing yet

i see some sort of “update”- the application status part has requests to change majors/campus but my status still says waitlisted and theres also some important warning to place a deposit at the top but that could be for everyone so not sure. i checked the decision letter and they say an update will be posted around june but lets hope its before because i dont got the type of money to be committing somewhere than having to commit at fordham yk :grimacing:


My son’s also is asking for a deposit. Not sure how that works if waitlisted. But haven’t heard of any movement on the WL from anyone yet.

Same, have the message up top about submitting deposit but no update to status yet. fingers crossed for us all!!! :slight_smile:

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I should specify my son is on artistic WL for BA Acting. Anyone else?

Same here!

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