Fordham class of 2025 EA

For anyone applying EA to Fordham. Please post stats and decisions


does anyone know what date the decisions are to be released

@comom25 December 18. Good luck!


Anyone get a letter saying they are admitted. Last year certain students received an email about a week earlier than other notifications were sent out.

Dec 18th. did you mean certain students got the email bef thy recvd “decision release” "email? @CaptHtown

yes, class of 2024,23,22. some students received early admission emails.

On the other thread, they said they may start sending them a week before the date, maybe this Friday.

havnt seen any news yet on emails…

same here

seems like the decisions for many universities are releasing a little slower or so it feels… waiting is hard

Daughter is 2/223. Went test optional. 4.5(ish) weighted GPA. 13.5 AP, 4 DC. Excellent EC and recs. Student Council Pres and officer the past three years. Senior Class Pres. Key Club VP. Drumline Lieutenant. Also an officer in NHS, Diversity Club, Green Club, Interact, and Spanish Club. Homecoming Queen. @comom25

those are wonderful stats. what does 13.5 AP mean?

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She has 13 1/2 AP classes because of a scheduling conflict, she only got to take the 1st semester of AP Chem. Also, pretty much all her other classes were Pre-AP and Honors with exceptions like PE and band. This year she didn’t even take band as a class so she could take AP Calculus. The band directors let her just come to after school practices, since she is center marimba and a drumline lieutenant. (above due to being a relatively small school with limited AP classes/times available)

that is interesting… bec i had never heard of a half AP. where else is she applying bec the stats are solid. good luck to her. Is this her dream school?

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GPA: 4.01 weighted
Courses: Took all honors/college prep and AP Human Geography
SAT: Applied test optional
EC’s: Varsity Cross Country, theater, a few clubs, and lots of community service

definitely a reach for me because my stats are on the low side but I’m still hoping I get in.

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Well, she thought she could pick up the other half of chem this year but it didn’t work out. Her dream schools are both reach schools…she would love to go to Brown or USC. Every school after that is in the running, so to speak. She applied to a lot of schools that had fee waivers just to see what kind of offers she might get but schools she has applied to that interest her are University of Texas (she has auto-admit and got into her major), Tulane, Pepperdine and Fordham. @comom25

Ah… I heard Pepperdine ED decisions are out today … all good schools and the best for her.

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ack… Fordham asking for “Tax deferred pension form” and I (mom of senior) sent W2 forms a few weeks ago. Today receive ANOTHER email for this form and I now see where the forms are on their website so I completed and sent ASAP. I feel ridiculous but my head is spinning with all of these forms lol… Anyway, I guess it’s good they are asking right!!!

Hi everyone!!
I applied EA to Fordham, originally was going to apply ED. I haven’t got any emails or letters from Fordham about early admission or any “hints” I got in.

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I read on their website under the Dates & Deadlines section that the EA notification date is December 19th. I’m hoping this is true because I’m supposed to be hearing back from most of my other schools this month as well.

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