Fordham Dean's Scholarship

I got accepted EA a month ago and got this scholarship-- is this a prestigious scholarship or is it pretty common? I basically got half tuition which is cool but still expensive.

I had read somewhere that about 10% of the top students get merit at Fordham.

What was your Dean’s amount?
My D got 20k at time of acceptance and then a few days ago another email came which had additional 6k added to the Dean’s scholarship as well as 10.5k as Tuition Award. So total of 36.5K.

Are you satisfied with the offer?

It still would cost approx 45k after the scholarships. Pitt has offered by D 5k and that too would make it around 45k. Currently Pitt is her #1 choice (pre-med track).

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Mine was around the same. I didn’t not have a tuition award but I got around 26 K from Dean’s. Pretty satisfied

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