Fordham EA merit? Not in letter

Anyone know why Fordham put scholarships in some admissions letters and others none, even though they are top/very strong students? Admissions office said merit decisions were rolling and all would have by 2/1 but I don’t understand why some got it in their acceptance letters, while others did not.


Same question.

We were wondering the same thing for my son. No merit - meanwhile he’s received pretty decent merit from 5 other schools. However, after reading through various threads I’m encouraged that there could be something announced later. My best guess is that they hold back some of the money until they see the rest of the applicant pool in January but who knows. Other parents with experience say that more merit may come so hanging on to hope since Fordham is at the top of my son’s list.

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Just spoke to a nice gentleman at financial aid. He said full packages, BOTH need and financial aid, will be released on 2/1. He said the only people that would have received Merit notification in the letters were either accepted via ED OR Deans Scholarship, EA. However, he said there were multiple other Merit scholarships available… so hope is not lost!


Thank you!!!

exact same here. email yesterday said Jan 17-Feb the info would be released
Good luck everyone!! I hope we can make it work… it is bar far the most expensive of all 12 schools our son applied to and near top of list.


My son was accepted EA to Rose Hill 4 years ago. He did not receive the Merit Scholarship awards until Feb 1st. He received 2 scholarships, the Loyola Scholarship and the Tuition Award. I think it is possible they just have some many applications to review they do not get to them all. He did end up attending Fordham and graduated this past May.


so glad to hear this, I was panicking. My daughter has massive scholarships from some other schools that are as competitive but not near as high on her list and I was so worried that nothing would come from Fordham. She applied Test optional because we live in CA and she’s been unable to test. good luck to all!

We did receive our Fordham merit package finally