Fordham Gabelli School of Business or Columbia GS?

Hi everyone!

I recently got accepted to Fordham’s business school and Columbia GS as a transfer student. However, I’m having a hard time deciding which one will have better professors (I am aware that gs students take the same classes as the rest of Columbia), leadership opportunities, internship prospects, and ultimately set me up for more success in MBA applications.

Also kind of curious if GS students are looked upon poorly during job applications.

Any input would be helpful!

Thank you :smiley:

MBA admission is based in large part on your work history. The better programs expect a minimum of 2 years of increasingly responsible work experience. More years of work is even better. Yes you will need a good undergrad GPA, and yes, you are likely to be asked for a letter of recommendation from an undergrad professor, but you will also need a letter from a work supervisor.

Ask the career center at Columbia about job placement. They will tell you.

If you have established good career out of undergrad. You do not need an MBA. Columbia has no business or management major though.

If there is no difference in financials, Columbia is far better than Fordham in terms of your job opportunities.