Fordham Gabelli

hey guys so right now my top two choices are Fordham Gabelli and Penn State Smeal at University Park. I know that both schools are very solid and cant really go wrong with either. I absolutely love new york city and ultimately want to end up there after college so i am leaning towards Fordham. However I am interested in Supply Chain Management and Penn State has one of the best programs for that major, but at the end of the day I honestly have no idea which type of business I enjoy and could quite possibly end up hating supply chain. Also i’m gay so i was wondering if Fordahm RH would be a good place for me to be myself. Thanks!!

Fordham has a no tolerance policy for discrimination. And they have moved students from dorms where there was friction. But overall its not going to be huge issue as the younger generation is more comfortable in the new world order than the old timers. From my kids experience who had gay friends, if they were respectful and minded their business and didnt do stupid things, there wasnt an issue. They were accepted and everyone moved on. RH is a more preppy and some of those kids are more conservative politically. But overall, again, its not a huge issue.

If you are into RH and are friendly, outgoing, likeable, and a good friend/dependable, people will accept you. If you are unhappy, you could transfer to LC. LC is more artsy and has drama and dance programs. BUt its also a different campus and urban and not the typical college experience with football and basketball etc.

Of course, the same rules apply for heterosexual people…as was noted on this board last year when a roomie was inconsiderate and behaved badly and caused major drama with visiting boyfriend all the time. Immoral.

Its up to you to decide if you want to broadcast your sexuality and some choose to remain private. Some are more open about it…and it depends on how you present the situation.

There are gay students at RH. My kids clique had 2 out of the group of 15 or so that hung out. Generally, it wasnt a problem. But they behaved well…though one was verbally harassed a bit by a roomie freshman year and he chose to accept an alternate dorm as an accomodation from Fordham. He became a very popular student…smart as hell…wicked smart…and a RamVan driver everyone adored…reliable, fair, dependable and stood up for people when there were troublemakers on the RamVan.

At graduation, he was around and about with the clique and I congratulated him, and my kid gave him a big hug…lots of tears saying goodbye.

Its the same at most schools. My advice is lay low and stay private…and wait for the right moment to disclose to your roomies whats going on. Be honest, be yourself, and be respectful of others.

Roomie problems can happen to anyone for any reason. Freshmen year is the biggest year for dorm drama. Kids living away from home for the first time and personality conflicts, some kids are neatniks and some are pigs. Some are discourteous and rude and some are sensitive and kind. Every school has this problem.

Good luck.

p.s. I am conservative. :slight_smile:

I’m a current student at RH. I’m not sure what the poster above means by “they behaved well” (should gays be expected to behave differently than any other student? I think not.), but as far as I can see there are no issues with gays on campus. There can be one or two jerks anywhere I guess, but I have a couple of close friends here who are openly gay and have had no problems at all. The campus may be a tad conservative compared to some other schools but in the end you are with college aged kids in NYC so you should be fine. If you have questions I’d try to get in touch with the student group on campus.

In terms of the education, I think the two schools are probably pretty comparable. The biggest pros for Fordham are its NYC location and the small classes where professors know who you are. I can’t speak to supply chain management as I’m not in Gabelli.

In terms of atmosphere, you should consider if you want a more urban location with easy access to Manhattan or a huge school with Big Ten sports, Greek Life etc.

Gook luck wherever you end up.

I stated clearly that EVERYONE has to behave properly and be respectful of others. And in case you need further explanation on what that means, it means not engaging in sexual activity in the room such that your roomies are embarrassed or sex-iled to another room either during the day or evening or overnite escapades. It happens in cases of both gay and straight students. As I clearly pointed out above.

^^^It was not clear to me in your post that “they” meant everyone and not just your D’s gay friends. Thank you for the clarification.

No problem. Glad its clear. Its why its so important to select really good roomies in Walsh, Ohare and Campbell/Salice Conley for sophomore through senior years…people who respect privacy and your personal values and such.

My kid’s roomies all became her closest friends and are ALL in the wedding. :slight_smile: With a Fordham jesuit flying in to celebrate the nuptial mass.

Hi, usa1212, congrats on having such good choices! Do take a look at the cirricula of the 2 schools. The Fordham core cirriculum is beloved by some, tolerated or hated by others. My family is in the “fan” camp, but we recognize that not everyone going to a business school also wants a humanities education. In addition, Gabelli is math-heavy, compared to some business schools, so take a look at that, as well as at the certificate/minor options.

Best wishes for finding just the right match for you.