Fordham Honors Discussion 2025

This thread is for all who are interested in Fordham’s Honors Program. Feel free to post updates and questions here.

Good Luck to you all!

If you would like to share your statistics please do:
State Residency:
Accepted Y/N:

How were we suppose to apply?

There was no application process. I’m not entirely sure how people get in. Some people have been admitted already. I’m hoping that someone on this platform will be able to provide some information.

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Ok. I was a Dean scholar meaning I’m guessing I could maybe be qualified? Not sure though.

Someone responded to a comment that I left on the Fordham 2025 thread and said that decisions came with admission letters.

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ah I see. I probably didn’t make it then. I have a 4.6 GPA weighted, 3.94 unweighted, 10 APs with mostly 5s and test optional. I won’t go into detail with ecs since I didn’t get in but I’m the president of my city’s teen council, I have my own international curriculum business, and I tutor 5x a week for an organization, have a podcast series, on the student advisory board for an app, student gov and ASB, etc.

Wow, those are amazing statistics. Fordham’s Honors Progam is determined based on numbers.

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Ah I see. I guess not having an SAT or ACT probably prevented me from getting in? Or getting a couple B’s throughout high school :).

I don’t think that SAT or ACT would be taken into account because they are test-optional. They only take 25 students in GBHP so it is extremely competitive.

omg wait is it only for business? I didn’t even apply to that school

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I think there are honors programs for the other majors. They may have different criteria and notification time frames.

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sounds good!

My son received his honors invite in a separate email the same evening his decision came out. He applied Lincoln Center.