Fordham LC or FSU?

<p>I got accepted to both and have about 10 days to make a final decision.
I plan to major in communications or international relations.
Fordham is ranked higher and is in an ideal location. The possibilities in NY are endless but they also come with a down side. The weather is harsh in the winter and I am dreading the stressful subway rides to wherever I want to go that I can not ride the Ram Van to. I feel like I can reach my full potential and be more academically challenged here.
My parents are moving to Florida this summer so i would be in New York on my own. They are strongly encouraging me to go to Florida. The weather is beautiful and I would have the freedom of owning a car and taking a 5 hour drive to visit my parents. The cost to attend is also very low compared to fordham where i would end up with 120,000 of debt.
In the end, i feel like fordham is a better school but i fear the high costs of living in manhattan. I do have some family that lives in the Bronx and in New jersey so I would not be completely alone. I know I have to let go of my parents eventually but I'm wondering what would be a wiser choice?</p>

<p>Being free of $120K in debt for an undergraduate education is better.</p>

<p>Hi, I’m also making the same decision between Fordham RH and FSU. I live in Florida so the in-state tuition is appealing considering Fordham’s costs this year total $63k. I stumbled on this page and noticed it’s from a couple years ago… but I’d still like to know what decision you ended up making and if you don’t mind me asking, why. Also, how you feel about the decision you made two years later.
Thanks a lot! Just trying to get more info, it’s a big decision for me.</p>

<p>If the costs were close to being even, I would say Fordham, but $120,000 for an undergraduate degree is something that you will almost certainly regret, especially if you have the option of in-state tuition at FSU. I wouldn’t spend that kind of money for anything less than a medical degree, an engineering degree or HYPSM.</p>

<p>120,000 for an undergrad is outrageous. You don’t need that burden on yourself. If you truly love Fordham than go there for your graduate degree. Otherwise, FSU is a wise decision and there are plenty of internship and job opportunities throughout Tallahassee, the state capitol.</p>

<p>As jrr24601 says, get your undergrad as cheaply as possible and graduate with latin letters. If you want something more after that, you’ll be able to actually afford it.</p>

<p>Just something to think about: Fordham lists a room and board cost of over $15,000- and that’s not including tuition or anything else.</p>

<p>FSU’s entire cost of attendance is only like $21k a year. And keep in mind, it’s a bit inflated from my experience, so you might only see a “cost” of like $18k per year. </p>

<p>4 years of FSU costs almost the same as 1 year at Fordham. That is insane to think about.</p>

<p>I think that’s for in-state folks:
[FSU</a> Admissions | Freshman | Counselors | Finances](<a href=“FSU Admissions | Error 404 page not found”></p>

<p>Have you looked at any of the better SUNY’s? Going to SUNY in-state should be cheaper than FSU out-of-state, though I might be wrong about that.</p>

<p>For alkamen though, they said they would be paying in-state tuition at FSU. That’s what I was basing the comparison off of.</p>