Fordham Lincoln center film and video concentration?

Does anyone know anything about Fordham’s visual arts major with a film video concentration? My S was accepted there as well as NYU Tisch and Emerson. He is having a tough time deciding, but at the moment is leaning toward Fordham. We are concerned that we don’t see Fordham listed favorably for film/video or creative writing (which he would like to minor in) whereas both Emerson and Tisch definitely have great reputations in these fields. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

Hi @collegemom312 my son will be a film major and has selected Emerson for the fall. We have never heard about Fordham for film, and we have done a lot of research. What does your son like about the program over NYU or Emerson?

Is there a substantial price difference with FA/scholarships which makes Fordham substantially cheaper/free than Emerson or NYU-Tisch?

If not, I’m puzzled as to why someone would turn down NYU Tisch for Fordham if they’re majoring in film/visual arts. And I say this as a NYC native.

NYU-Tisch is top 3 for film in the nation…Fordham…not so notable for film.

Did he also apply to USC’s film school as well(Also top 3 for film).

Fordham has a very strong program in film. If would contact the program: and get more info or try to get in touch with a current film major…the program would help…