Fordham orientation

<p>Has anyone been to the fordham 3 day orientation? I missed the first day and I know I have to make it up. Do we get the ID cards on the first day? and do I have to stay for the whole orientation? and if I dont have to, what is a good time to leave?</p>

<p>[New</a> Student Orientation](<a href=“Fordham University”>Fordham University)
The three-day fall Orientation program is mandatory for all new students. Families are invited to campus on Sunday for resident move-in and commuter registration and then are asked to depart at 6 p.m. Academic Orientation and Student Life Orientation will introduce new students to different aspects of academics and activities offered at Fordham which will enhance their college experience. The dates for 2010 are:</p>

<p>Sunday, August 29, 2010 / Opening Day: Welcome to Fordham!</p>

<p>Monday, August 30, 2010 / Academic Orientation</p>

<p>Tuesday, August 31, 2010 / Student Life Orientation</p>

<p>Classes start Wednesday, September 1, 2010</p>


<p>Go to the campus and ask someone directly.</p>

<p>In the meantime, you might want to post your question in the Fordham page of CC.</p>