Fordham, Providence, Loyola U Maryland, Holy Cross?

<p>Hi, I've been accepted to Fordham University, Providence College, Loyola University Maryland, and College of the Holy Cross. Can you rank/give any advice? thanks</p>

<p>Holy Cross is the highest ranked out of all of the ones you mentioned...then Fordham,PC and Loyola last. Depends what YOU want in a school...and what $$ you got!</p>


<p>Agree with the above....</p>

<p>What's your likely major and likely career? </p>

<p>Can you afford them all.</p>

<p>probably teaching, maybe educational administration. and yeah i can afford them</p>

<p>PC. It is well respected by graduate schools in the northeast. My psychology teacher's son went to PC and then to Brown for medical school.</p>

<p>Fordham or Holy Cross are great schools -</p>

<p>Is Holy Cross really that much better than Fordham Rose Hill for pre-med?</p>

<p>All four schools have very similar admissions standards... Holy Cross is a pretty awful area. Fordham has the most diversity.</p>

<p>Percent admitted to medical school HC 84% Fordham: 79%</p>

<p>Fordham is a great school that offers you many opportunities in the city. They said to accepted students that their med school acceptance rate is now 83%.</p>

<p>^^^"HC is a pretty awful area" HUH? Have you been to Fordham or Loyola????</p>

<p>At least Fordham and Loyola are in actual cities, Worcester is a run-down old mill town.</p>

<p>South Bend makes Worcester look cosmopolitan.</p>

<p>sictransitgloria---you really need to do your homework on the Bronx as well as the area outside Loyola...give me a "run-down" mill town over a crime ridden one with daily shootings and other assorted crimes any day!</p>

<p>I've been on all 3 campuses...I attend Loyola and have had no issues with the crime and I know various people who attend Fordham and had no problems either.</p>

<p>Dau & I visited HC & we drove in the "back way," through a working class neighborhood of small houses and N Engl double & triple deckers which has definitely seen better days--however the people we saw walking around were families--Moms with kids--laundry hanging on lines--some houses freshly painted, others needing work--the street surfaces were a mess but you can blame Worcester for not tending to (paving) their outlying areas. Also, do not forget the economic climate for small N Engl cities at this time, and for the last several years.</p>

<p>The school is on a hill at the very border of Worcester. The neighborhood just a few blocks away over the border is suburban single family homes, including a nice looking golf course. We have been there twice, now, and I took care to drive around the surrounding neighborhoods, to see what they are like---not just zip in & out on the highway.</p>

<p>Whatever entertainments of Worcester HC students find, they have to go "into town" to get. "Into town" means down the hill & across the highway & river.</p>

<p>I wd not regard the area around HC as high crime. It beats the heck out of the areas around Yale & U Penn. I wd also not encourage a girl to walk alone late at night in the neighborhood--but I don't encourage my daughters to do that at home, either. </p>

<p>Fordham is right on top of one of the best cities in the world for young adult fun--and they have a free shuttle bus to their Lincoln Ctr campus. It is apples & oranges to compare Notre Dame or HC or Loyola for that matter, to the resources next door to Fordham.</p>

<p>HC does have easy transit into Boston -- there are a lot of students in the South & Midwest who wd think the same access into the nearest big city was incredibly desirable.</p>

<p>For Holy Cross.</p>

<p>HAHAHA my sister went to school in worcester...WPI.</p>

<p>That city is full of druggies/drug dealers.</p>

<p>Last time I visited her neighbour was a crackhead that had supermarket carts, random gnomes, a door on the top of the house (very weird) and orange road cones on his lawn :/ LMAO.</p>

<p>But it's a nice/decent's like half an hour from Boston :)</p>

<p>I think you should pick Loyola or Fordham--which ever one you like better and get the most financial aid at.</p>

<p>eastafrobeauty---WPI is NOT Holy Cross, although they share a city they couldn't be more different campuses. HC (98) is rated higher in Academics by the Princeton review than Fordham (81) and Loyola (84). Fordham and Loyola both in sketchy areas as well, by the way. </p>

<p>I really enjoyed your observation of how Worcester is "full of druggies/drug dealers" and then go on to say "but it's a nice/decent city"...</p>