Fordham RD 2024

thought i’d go ahead and make this thread since EA/ED decisions are out :slight_smile: feel free to post your stats below! march/april will be here before we know it + good luck to all that are applying!


  • Go to Cristo Rey school with mostly first-gen Latinx/Hispanic community
  • Second-gen, Asian [Vietnamese male] = URM in higher academia
  • Eligible for testing waivers and Reduced Price Lunch program
  • Live in Northern California - Silicon Valley: San Jose, CA
  • EFC: $13,003


  • 1300 SAT Superscore (650 E, 650 M)
  • 3.88 UW / 4.02 W GPA
  • Rank [school doesn’t rank]: Probably ~ 3/102
  • Took 6 out of 9 APs: 3’s on APUSH and AP Seminar


  • Did Speech & Debate (policy) = placed 2nd out of 8 competing novice teams
  • 3 Internships: Stanford Lane Library, VMWare, and Juniper Networks
  • 50+ hours of voluteering at middle school and homeless service
  • Coding boot camps (w/ scholarship)
  • Online graphic designer of online teen community, managed social media = Discord and Instagram
  • Tutored family for citizenship exam
  • High school representative for Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice at D.C.

Top Choice Schools:

  • Santa Clara University, Web Design & Engineering [Accepted]
  • Reed College, Computer Science [Decision Pending]
  • Loyola Marymount University, Computer Engineering [Decision Pending]
  • Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Computer Engineering [Decision Pending]
  • UC Irvine, Computer Engineering [Decision Pending]
  • UC Davis, Computer Eningeering [Decision Pending]


  • I’m not the most competitive applicant being an Asian-American, but I feel that I am solid when it comes to admissions in the context of my situations/surroundings. Feel free to give me feedback on admission to Fordham University!

Do we really have to wait until March for decisions??

It’s actually a pretty big myth that Asians are at a disadvantage when it comes to college apps. This is only at a few schools where they have such an overwhelming amount of Asians applying (so not Fordham at all) that they actually take that into account, and even then, that is not such a big deal.

@thefrenchchef i believe decisions come out mid-march even though it says april 1st on the portal.

Agree with @sunshuttle My husband has a colleague who was an expert witness in the Harvard case, and even they didn’t have a great case when the percentage of Asians at Harvard is much higher than the percentage of African-Americans. I would think that going to a Christo Rey high school would be a big plus in Fordham’s eyes, making you a little different than the typical applicant.

Has anyone gotten their decisions back yet? I still haven’t and I’m getting worried lol

decisions come out march 16th tentatively - that’s been the period for previous years at least!

yes, I am waiting as well, I believe most other RD applicants are in the same boat. @dilldaisy , I feel like Monday might be a weird day for decisions to come?

i believe that was the day they were released last year (despite the website saying april 1st) but you’re right, monday is a weird date lol - it’ll probably be in the span of that weekend to the weekend after :slight_smile:

I just got the email. RD decisions will be March 13 sometime in the afternoon.

Just got accepted!

First, the Committee on Admission regards you as a truly outstanding applicant and has asked that I share the following news with you. In advance of the official notification date, I want to share that you will be offered admission to Fordham College at Rose Hill. In a competitive applicant pool, the Committee was most impressed with your academic and personal accomplishments.

Congratulations and welcome to Fordham!

Second, since our biggest admitted student event (Spring Preview) is just a few weeks away (April 4 and 5), I want to encourage you to register now to attend. At Spring Preview you will have the chance to meet with faculty, current students and be welcomed by the University President! If you cannot visit us on that weekend, there are many other events to choose from.

An official invite is on its way to you already!

rd decisions are out tmrw!!

So excited!

What time will it come out? 4EST?

@CMH2024 o word besides late afternoon

They are out!

3.79 UW GPA
4 AP Classes
3 Honors classes
1300 sat
Pre-Dental with major in biological sciences
clubs, sports, community service, jobs, etc.

Honestly really surprised, did not think I was going to get in!

For accepted students that came out today - where do you find the financial aid offer if there is any?

they are there with the acceptance letter