Fordham -- roomates?

<p>Can you room with a girl when your a boy if you both go to Fordham? My best friend is a girl and if possible I would like to room with her.</p>

<p>Seeing as Fordham is a Catholic (Jesuit?) private school, I’d have to go with “no” for co-ed roomies. </p>

<p>Private housing is your only option if you “must” live with her.</p>

<p>No, you can’t.</p>

<p>I don’t think you can , I’ve been on the campus and live near by, however, my friend who goes to Fordham who’s a male says that people are assigned dorms but they could try and switch dorms with other people and that way you could have the oppurtunity to share a dorm with a girl.</p>

<p>No. Absolutely not. There is no co-ed room sharing at Fordham but there are co-ed floors.</p>