Fordham Rose Hill Off Campus Apartments

I have a student who is a sophomore at Fordham Rose Hill. They are pushing for off campus apartment adjacent to the school. Looking for feed back. Obviously, main concern is safety

Son graduated Rose Hill in 2016, lived off campus (non Fordham owned) for 2 years and never had an issue. There’s plenty of available/affordable units in the 5 block radius of Arthur Avenue. Fordham owns a few off campus apartment units in which school security is provided. The Bronx is culturally diverse, need to use common sense when out and about (that goes for everywhere). My D’s short list includes Rose Hill and I would have no concerns allowing her to live off campus near Fordham campus.
The biggest drawback is privately owned apartments require 1 year lease. Its great if staying for the summer for classes, work or internships. Need to consider that when signing lease.

She wants to do a rental for the spring semester. There is a concern over safety but also the chance they get sent home in the event there is a break out. Thinking she might be better to wait until next fall to see how things stand with the virus. Her digs at school right now are not bad.

It’s tough getting a one semester rental unless it’s a sublease. The added expense and headache of furnishing an apartment, storage in the summer ect… should all be taken into consideration. Nothing like moving in/out of a 5 story walk-up?
I wouldn’t be overly concerned with safety in the surrounding neighborhoods. Little Italy has a way of self policing the area. ?Common sense prevails

BmacNJ: thanks for your input. You confirmed kind of what I was thinking. Wisdom can come when kids are moving there own stuff in and out of a 5 story walk up!!! Thanks again for your insight.

I know it’s not the same but the on-campus apartments are nice. My son is a 3 bedroom/2ba/kitchen/livingroom and dining area. Best of both worlds.

Common sense is the key. I survived two years off campus in the 80s west of Webster Avenue. I had just gotten out of the Navy, so I think everyone in the neighborhood thought I was a cop. Same story for my brother who lived in Little Italy (he was just out of the Marines).

The off campus school owned apartments are nice as well. Most are 2-3 bedrooms. They are scattered about the Little Italy neighborhood and blend in nicely. Most people don’t realize the university owns them. is NOT affiliated with the college, but offers many housing options in the area.

I’d tell your kid to suck it up for the semester and revisit in Fall. As @morrismom1 said the on campus Apartments are really nice, safe, clean and within the gates of campus.

That is a great option. Thanks for your reply

Who is the “They”? My daughter is considering to apply. Does Fordham guarantee housing on Rose Hill for 4 years?