Fordham SurveyMonkey?

<p>Got this email from enroll@fordham yesterday via SurveyMonkey to see if I was interested in being taken off the wait list.
Seemed odd but, my friend got the same email. Various questions such as, would you accept a different college at FU & Still want F/A?
Take spring acceptance, etc.
I already sent my deposit to Binghamton but, I'll see what happens...</p>

<p>Anyone know anything about this solicitation?</p>

<p>No one else got this email from Fordham?</p>

<p>The questions that you got were similar to the ones I got in the mail, asking me to fill out a form to remain on the waiting list, @stage4survivor did you not ask to stay on the waiting list?</p>

<p>Yes, I indicated I "might" be interested but, my understanding is money is "dried up" at this stage so, even if I'm offered a spot, without big $$, I'll go to Binghamton and go into debt for grad or medical school.
Fordham is a great school but, it's not worth >$150K debt.</p>