Fordham University or Manhattan College?

Hi, I was accepted at Manhattan College and at Fordham University. I want to major in either engineering physics or electrical engineering. I have heard of the 3-2 program that Fordham has at Columbia university but I also heard that is extremely difficult to get in and is expensive. Any advice on which one should I choose?



Manhattan seems like the easy choice here. Their engineering school is very reputable, long established, and has an extensive alumni network. They have a new STEM building, scheduled to come on line this fall, which will enhance their engineering facilities.

I’ve never understood the point of 3/2 programs. You spend 5 years to get 2 bachelor’s degrees. If I’m going to spend the time and money for a 5th year, I want to come out with a master’s degree. If you go to Manhattan, you can go to Columbia Engineering for a master’s if you can get in, or RPI, or Lehigh, etc. And just to throw more cold water on 3/2 programs, you leave the campus which has become your 2nd home for senior year, which eliminates the normal transition from friendships, the celebrations, and all the rest of it.

Have you researched how likely it is that you would get into the Columbia Engineering school? I have seen many 3/2 programs that say Columbia is their engineering school. They can’t possibly admit that many students from all those schools. Research this before attending.

My S went to Fordham and loved it but for engineering I would go with Manhattan for engineering. I am not a fan of the 3/2 programs for a number of reasons including:
–some people decide they want to stay at the original school and graduate with their class;
–it can be difficult to meet the requirements to get into the 3/2 program;
–finances can be an issue as it adds a year to your undergrad studies.