Fordham University vs Franklin University Switzerland

I live in Central NJ, an hour or so from the city(NYC). I’ve always been close with my family and I know leaving for college will be difficult. I really love both of these universities and I don’t know which would be better. I plan to major in International/Global Business, which both schools have. They virtually cost the same amount as well, and I would have no problem with getting into either school. I love travelling and learning new languages. Franklin is situated in Lugano which is an Italian speaking part of Switzerland. They also speak French, German, and Romansh. The school is based on international studies and has an academic travel plan which requires each student to take a 2-week trip abroad to study each semester (price included in tuition). I would also have a very good chance of getting between a $5000 and a $20000 scholarship per year at this school. My only issue is that it is in Switzerland, and I would have few chances to see my friends and family back home. Fordham was my #1 choice originally, until I came across Franklin and now they are pretty even. I absolutely love the city and I think it would be a great opportunity to live there for 4 years. My family is only an hour away, so I wouldn’t be too homesick. I would most likely only study abroad once, maybe twice while at Fordham. I also most likely wouldn’t get little to no scholarship money or financial aid. I really love both schools and I don’t know which one would be better for me.

I would venture to say that Fordham has a WAY better reputation and more rigorous curriculum than Franklin. Go to Europe for a semester or year abroad, but choose wisely for your home school.

If you eventually want to work in NYC and if your family can afford it, I"d go with Fordham and do a study abroad program to get international experience. (For full disclosure I should tell you that my S went to Fordham -RH and loved it)