Fordham vs Fairfield Vs Loyola vs RIT Biological sciences

My daughter is down to the final three choices. She was provisionally accepted into an IVY on a transfer option in 2023. I want her to go to a school she will be happy at for 4 years in case she decides not to transfer out in 2023. Which of these schools has the most rigorous workload and which has the best preparation for Biological sciences. Her option at RIT includes a 4+1 Masters option. Financially Loyola is the best offer, and RIT and Fordham the most expensive. Any insights from social to academic would be greatly appreciated.

Which Loyola ? Maryland ? Yeah going to school with one foot out the door makes no sense.

What’s her goal ? It’s a low paying major so I’d focus on cost and fit bcuz she might be there four years.

You can find rigor anywhere. I don’t think any of the three standout. I found one rank and it was Fordham, RIT and Loyola ( I did MD) but none was standout.

Nor given career outcomes in the major does it matter.

What’s best for her and the family. That’s what the choice should be.

Good luck

What are her criteria to be happy?

For the academics, you and she can look at the major and general education requirements and options. Biological sciences is a broad field, so different colleges’ departments may have different emphases in their upper level courses. It is also a lower paid field for recent graduates, so avoidance of college debt is of particular importance to those in that major.

If the transfer option at Cornell CALS is what you are referring to, note that biological sciences students must maintain a higher college GPA (3.5) than others (3.0), and that admission is not guaranteed even for those who fulfill the listed requirements: Transfer Option | CALS . Note that 2-year colleges are acceptable, so that if the student finds none of the current 4-year schools admitted to suitable and affordable, she can start at a local community college and try for the transfer option and also apply to transfer to other 4-year schools.


If she plans on staying the 4 years, she’d get great co-op opportunities at RIT. I’m not sure how the others compare in that regard.