Fordham vs. SJU queens

I was waitlisted for Fordham, and ended up sending in my deposit for SJU because I didn’t think I would get in. I got an email saying I got in, and now I’m really conflicted.

I heard that Fordham is a better academic school, but I’ve also heard the same about SJU.
Both from an academic and a social view - Fordham or SJU? I’d love to hear your experiences to help me out with this!
(If it helps I’m majoring in polisci and hoping to go into law school)

Both good schools but vastly different. St. John’s is more of a reflection of New York’s diversity than Fordham. Fordham is ranked much higher by US News and World Report. However, if you plan on going to law school I’m not sure that will really matter too much. If you are living on campus, the neighborhood immediately surrounding Fordham probably has more to offer to a college student. It is Little Italy in the Bronx. It has restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc. The area around. St. John’s is more suburban. Both have good access to Manhattan.

Big question is what is the cost to you? Fordham is typically more and the question is whether it is worth the difference in price.

I applied to both as a transfer for Fall 2020 and am currently waiting on a decision from Fordham in Lincoln Center which is in Manhattan although the main campus would be the one in the Bronx as mentioned above which is more traditional. I was accepted into SJU already with a scholarship. Academic wise, Fordham seems to be far more superior and I believe Fordham is worth more for the price despite both being very pricey. Fordham also has the Gabelli School of Business at both the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses which makes the decision making part easier. Price wise, even though Fordham is more expensive, Fordham seems to be worth more as it prepares you for the world as it is academically rigorous, allows you to make strong connections, and more competitive for your future job searches.

Fordham is more expensive for a reason. They staff more heavily with professors. St John’s relies more heavily on underpaid adjuncts.